A Handy Guide To Apple Watch Strap Replacement


Remember what they say about change—it’s the spice of life, right? This adage also applies to your Apple Watch straps as well. That’s some of the best news if you, like so many people, find having the same watch band for long periods of time just too boring for your liking! 

So you bought the Apple Watch you’d been wanting, but while you totally love the watch itself, you aren’t a big fan of the bands. They’re either too flashy, too big or too small, or just aren’t customized enough to your personality. If that’s you, you wouldn’t have to worry at all. Your watch was made with an almost unlimited range of straps options so you can spruce up your look as many times and ways as you want. 

But how do you do it? How do you change your watch’s straps? Here’s how you can easily change your Apple Watch’s straps into whatever suits your style: 

  1. Prepare Your Work Area

First things first, the screen of your Apple Watch needs to come out of this alive and unscratched. To ensure this, you’ll need to cover your table with a soft fabric, preferably microfiber. This will act as protection for your watch’s screen and prevent unwanted mishaps. 

  1. Take Off The Old Strap

You won’t need any tools for this, and you could do it all in under a minute. All you have to do is to turn your watch over to find two release buttons on the back of your watch. 

After you find them, remember to hold the watch steadily in your hands as you initiate this process. Press either buttons (you won’t need to press both buttons in one go) and start moving the strap to the left or to the right until it comes off the watch’s body. Be firm yet gentle as you do this. Now you can move on to the new watch band. 

Tip: if the strap is proving difficult to remove, keep pressing the button down and sliding off the bands. Your watch may have collected gunk over time, so your straps won’t come off as easily as before.

  1. Picking A New Strap

The first and almost obvious thing to remember here is that while other watches may be compatible with any 22mm strap around, an Apple Watch is not one of them. Their strap sizes usually range between 38mm and 42mm.

To get your hands on these bands at an Apple Store, you’ll have to part with not less than USD$49 for rubber straps, which honestly is a lot of money if you’re looking to buy more than one pair of straps. If you want a Milanese loop strap, which is a stylish steel link strap, then you’re going to need to fork out at least USD$149 or more.

That may sound like a lot of money for a watch band, and that could be a good time to consider a reliable third-party supplier. The difference in quality is usually nonexistent or negligible, plus you get to save loads of money from your purchases. 

There are a number of third-party stores online, and you can choose one that has just what you need. If you need a starting point, then an established store like natostrapstore.com will probably have what you’re looking for.

  1. Add Your New Straps

Your new strap will come with a very small piece or plastic at the center that’s meant to function as a lock once attach your new band. As you insert your strap replacement into the watch body, you’ll hear a click, indicating that the strap has been properly secured and is now in its correct and locked position.

However, here are some things you need to check once you have your straps locked in place:  

  1. Check if your band has special instructions so you won’t install the straps incorrectly. If it’s a loop strap, make sure both sides are aligned with your watch. 
  2. Slide the new strap into the appropriate notch. Again, keep a sharp ear out for a clicking sound to let you know that your strap has been installed correctly. 
  3. To make sure it’s fully secured, try to twist the strap left and right. Your straps shouldn’t be shifting at all as you do this.


That’s about it. Now you can change your Apple Watch straps as much as you want at home, and you can have a watch that truly fits anywhere you need it to!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.