10 Best Restaurants in Malaysia


Restaurants are a place of great enjoyment for people who are seeking a splendid evening among some great soothing music.  The internal aesthetics of restaurants in Malaysia draw customers to their halls. The most amazing restaurants have the greatest chefs, world-class customer service and a very high appreciation towards modern art and perhaps some old art too, that is if they can afford one. The people who make the restaurants come alive with graceful class make sure that the guests are dazzled with beautiful and delicious dishes.

1. Marinis on 57

As the name suggests, the restaurant offers dazzling drops of those stylish martinis. Shaken but not stirred. Eh! With welcoming terrace gardens lighting up the roof, the aesthetics of this famous restaurant in Malaysia cannot be understated. Online bus tickets help needy tourists to visit this amazing restaurant in the heart of the city. The Petronas towers are nearby and the alluring stained glass will make you feel the rich ambience of medieval splendor.

2. Troika Sky Dining

What do tourists crave when they are on a holiday? They want to be treated to the fantasies only possible in their wildest dreams. Like, say dining on atop of a 100 storied building? What would be the perspectives that your mind will generate when you find yourself dining luxurious food with your loved ones gazing into the vast expanse of a spectacular city.

3. Thirty LK

Dining facilities in this restaurant are exceedingly fantastic and the lounge facilities cater to the needs of modern customers. If businesses are in need of a wonderful conference room to treat business partners, then this restaurant is the go-to place to impress your business partners. The fresh sushi will melt in your mouth as your begin your trip into delicious bliss. It is a symphony of majestic grandeur mixed with friendly Asian faces that spout excitement on seeing new customers.

4. Enak Restaurant

The main themes of interior design in this restaurant are studded with stylish red. This marks an auspicious beginning for those romantic dates that needs a bold tinge to inspire passion and lead to the blossoming of love. The passion in this restaurant attracts strong couples who desire a quiet evening amidst the artistic splendor of the superior degree.

5. Prego KL

This restaurant begins its journey from the rich roots of Italian culture. With the gothic settings of the Victoria era, this august structure hosts some memorable moments to the restaurants. The cutlery ware in this restaurant is artistically crafted with gold which adds a royal element to the surroundings.

6. Celestial Court

Amazing are the bathrooms of this heavenly restaurant. The ladies will have a great time when they have a chance to gaze upon the rich interior of this fabulous eatery. The Chefs create the best meat dishes that are sprinkled with exotic spices from the rural hinterlands of Malaysia. There is never a dull moment in the picturesque bars of this restaurant that sets up strangers to enjoy a blissful evening and kindling the desires of passion.

7. Marble 8 on 56

Crafted by the superior interior designers of Greece, this restaurant stands out in its astounding glory and look down upon those unworthy small business restaurants. If you want to treat someone special and want to spend the rest of their life with them, then is the best place for the first dates as it will set wonderful things in motion.

8. Nobu KL

This has been given many awards as the best restaurant in Malaysia. The wooden bamboo roofs of the eatery give chills in the spines due to its majestic spirit for adventure. The customers are greeting with traditional attires for Malaysia, thus generating powerful moments of unrequited bliss. Gone are the days of only the rich dining here, thanks to the slashed prices which make even middle-class customers feel like rich kings.

9. Prime KL

If you are a meat lover and fantasize about chewing some big juicy meat down your throat, then this is the go-to place. The steaks are generously given to its patrons as this quality makes more customers come here and makes them eat more meat. The beef is prepared according to religious traditions and great care is taken not to offend the sensibilities of orthodox Malaysians.

10. Maison Francaise

This is the symbol of fresh excellence in the culinary business of Malaysia. The restaurants in Malaysia transcend national boundaries by helping tourists to experience the vivid landscapes of heavenly European art. Business owners will be perfectly thrilled when they find themselves in heaven with the wonderful facilities of this restaurant.


Vacationers can plan their visit to different restaurants by booking online bus tickets well in advance to avoid last moment rush. The restaurants in Malaysia are wonderfully receptive to the millions of customers that throng it every year for the taste of luxury and a feeling of specialty that is created in the minds of the people.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.