Luna Muna at Ibagari Boutique Hotel Provides Culinary Excellency


The Ibagari Boutique Hotel provides its guests with the most exquisite dining experience that we have seen at any hotel or resort. The on-site restaurant, Luna Muna, consists of a unique and delicious menu featuring a wide variety of cuisine. Luna Muna is relaxed, fun, and memorable.

Sit back on the dock by the oceanfront, listen to the waves, and get lost in the atmosphere of the restaurant. The ambiance of Luna Muna is the perfect relaxing getaway, especially at night when the trees light up with white holiday lights and the beaches get lit by flickering torches. The music is gentle, and so are the waves.


If you are staying at the Ibagari Boutique Hotel, you can be assured that your table for each meal will be put aside for you at any time, unless you have notified the hotel that you will not be joining them for a meal. So, guests will always have a place to stay and eat.

As stated perfectly on their website, “With a unique menu created by acclaimed Guatemalan Chef Rick Zachrisson and Chef Alex Flores, Luna Muna offers simple, but sophisticated food. Enjoy classic flavors and fresh ingredients chosen daily in a contemporary environment facing the ocean.” We found this to be very true. In fact, we feel that the menu features ingenious culinary excellency. The chef at Luna Muna isn’t afraid to mix and play with flavors to create truly unique dishes such as a lobster and avocado salad marinated in a grapefruit and apple vinaigrette with yogurt. While this doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard before, and believe me, you haven’t, it was an exceptional dish that I ordered daily. Once I had it one time, I was hooked.

The Lobster and Avocado Salad

Other delicious gems on the menus were a grilled salmon served with sautéed potatoes and a jalapeño beurre blanc, lobster ravioli, beef tenderloin with mushroom risotto, and red snapper. Each meal had its own rich and savory taste that was unlike anything we have had before.

While being on an island means that the dishes are mainly seafood, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wide variety of vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian dishes to try from ratatouille to beat and carpaccio with malanga chips. Luna Muna had food for all dietary restrictions.


The service at Luna Muna is unlike any we have had before. If you come frequently, especially if you are staying at the Ibagari, the staff notes and remembers what you like and don’t like, catering a very personalized dining experience. For instance, I didn’t eat my hashbrowns one morning, so the next morning they told me they noticed and asked if I would like a salad instead.

The variety of fresh juices at Luna Muna is also extensive. Specifically, however, we fell in love with the watermelon juice which was fresh, sweet, and refreshing every day.

The Delicious Fresh Watermelon Juice

If you’re into fine dining or are really just are a fan of good food, be sure to give Luna Muna and the Ibagari Boutique Hotel a try. It’s worth the trip to Roatan alone. The cuisine and atmosphere are simple, rich, and excellent.

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