3 Islands Worth Visiting in Greece


Syros, Mykonos, Tinos

Looking for an unforgettable Mediterranean holiday this summer? A round trip in three of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean open sea awaits to take your breath away.

A hop from Syros to Mykonos to Tinos will have you leaving Greece in a mosaic of memories with majestic sunsets, luxurious relaxation and endless fun.



The capital of the Cyclades takes visitors in a graceful journey in its artsy ambience and aristocratic flair. A Syros holiday is a refined combination of cultural exploration of the Aegean by day with an intense party scene by night.

Ermoupoli Syros is the centre of the Cyclades and home to the emblematic City Hall which, as most buildings of its era, are open for visitors to sneak a peak in the Aegean past and its Venetian flair. The island is also home to over 18 exquisite Syros festivals of arts and cinema in the summer and spring, thus it is inevitable that a one is not ongoing, whilst you are visiting.

Fine dining is a Syros must. The island’s cuisine and Syros restaurants are impeccable in their «marriage» of Mediterranean cuisine and local tastes. Lukumia Syrou are world famous for their incomparable sweet taste and Syros wine is no different. Try local plates in Kouzina Syros or Ventura and the take stroll beside the port of Syros to relax and become one with that salty Aegean breeze and a breathtaking view.

Syros is referred to as the Duchess of the Aegean as the surroundings remind visitors of small palaces scattered around with  aristocratic Syros houses prevailing and a serene and peaceful character of the locals. Staying in Syros opt for a Syros Villa or home to capture the essence of the island .

Take the time to visit Gallissas to enjoy unwinding in the bay . Try a more intense swimming scene in Agathopes with pop-up parties and jet setters all around. In the night  start with drinks and good food in Ano Syros  before lining it up in all the beachside clubs until the sun comes up!



Mykonos is a true jewel in the middle of the Aegean. World-known destination for cosmopolitan crowds with an elite scene unlike anywhere on the globe. White houses with blue doors, paved narrow pathways and blooming bougainvilleas in the Mykonos town Little Venice streets, create the mesmerizing set of legendary nights and days on the island.

Mykonos nightlife, Mykonos beaches and Mykonos luxury Villas are the essentials for an unforgettable time in the beating heart of the Aegean. Wild partying with jet-setters in Scorpios Mykonos and later laying back and enjoying a sunset under a canopy tent with a cold drink in hand. The island has anything you are looking for. A touch of luxury in every corner, a mosaic of prestigious figures and a scenery so beautiful it takes your breath away, are the ingredients of an unforgettable Aegean holiday.

Take the time to unwind while gazing into the turquoise waters of Psarou beach Mykonos or Super Paradise beach Mykonos. The most gay friendly crowd awaits for endless partying in in the most lavish and elite location on the planet. Have fun in Namos Mykonos where laying back and enjoying life is the only reality. Dance until the a.m. in the most luxurious clubs or simply enjoy cocktails while letting your mind run like the sea trying to take in the unique beauty the queen of the Aegean has to offer.

Revitalize your senses and become one with the Aegean blue while staying in a villa in Mykonos enjoying your downtime under the golden sun. Whether you’re looking for a remote location to have your private parties in or accommodation  five minutes from Mykonos town walking distance from the Mykonos windmills, a vogue-style Mykonos Villa is always at your feet. World-known concierge services are there to make sure you go days un-end without «lifting a finger» and just live your best life.



A hidden gem of the Cyclades, known for its prevailing temple in Tinos Chora, awaits to be discovered for the heaven on earth  that it is. Tinos is a wild beauty that mesmerizes visitors with its deep blue waters and virgin Cycladic scenery.

Tinos is world known for its cultural value since ancient time. Legend has it that Phidias taught the art of sculpture to the Tinians as a gift and all their work seems to be a miracle on display in The Museum of Marble Crafts and Tinian Artists. The island is also known for its intricate and sophisticated pigeon houses decorating its entirety.

Tinos is a tiny island filled with traditional villages that entice visitors to explore the Mediterranean way of life. Pay a visit to Pyrgos, Kardiani or Ysternia Tinos find yourself in picturesque cafes enjoying local flavors and escape from the fast pace reality into a world of natural beauty and grace.

Sunbathing under the beautiful sky on Tinos beaches you will be magnetized by the revitalizing waters and golden sand at your feet.Take a trip to Agios Sostis beach Tinos or Panormos beach to enjoy an intimate family day on the coast of the Aegean. Have the time of your life whipping and splashing in Kolibithra beach Tinos during a lavish beach party on the verge of the crystal waters. Tinos is a fabulous surfing location for those eager to try taming the Mediterranean sea.

Nights out in Tinos are full of surprises. Idyllic small cocktail bars for after sun relaxation under the moonlight sky, like  the all time classic Kaktos bar Tinos , to never-ending night clubbing in Syvilla Club Tinos.

A three island cruise in the Aegean is all you need to make a dream holiday come true this summer!


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