6 Tips For Keeping Your Hair Healthy


Everyone wishes to have a great hair day where they feel they can conquer the world with their confidence and beauty.  However, having fantastic hair isn’t just about genetics. You need to care for it to ensure that it’ll be healthy and strong. 

The key to great-looking hair is to keep it healthy. No matter how many treatments you consider doing to your hair, but if it’s brittle and frizzy to touch, you may not be growing healthy hair.

Moreover, listed below are the tips for keeping your hair healthy:

1. Consider Keratin Treatment

If you have frizzy hair that you just cannot control, you might want to consider having a keratin treatment at the salon. 

A keratin treatment will usually take hours at the salon as they’ll be working hard on making your hair straight and silky as much as possible. Unlike hair rebonding, the keratin treatment usually uses softer and safer chemicals and avoids using a flat iron to keep your hair super straight. 

A keratin treatment should last your hair for about three to six months, depending on how you treat your hair. With that, you need to re-do the treatment two to three times a year. 

2. Use Less Hot Tools

Styling your hair every day is one way to allow yourself to manage your hair a lot better, especially when it goes in a different direction, even with washing it every morning. While using hot tools can get the job done, you’re causing damage to your hair with every hot temperature you place on your hair. 

If you must use a hot styling tool, you should apply a heat protectant to keep your hair secure and avoid any possible damage. 

Moreover, if you have enough budget to upgrade your hot tools, there are plenty of hair styling tools in the market today that allow for faster styling time, cutting your hair’s risk in half. There are also brands out there that use air technology instead of heat to style and dry your hair. Although they might be expensive, they’re worth it. 

You could also skip using hot tools by giving yourself a good haircut that’ll look good even right after taking off the shower. In this way, you don’t have to use hot tools every day.

3. Don’t Rub Your Hair

After getting out of the shower, you might want to rub your hair so that it could dry faster as the towel can absorb the excess water a lot better. While it may be effective in speeding up the drying process, it can cause more damage to your hair. 

When you rub your hair using a towel, you’re generating friction which could harm every strand of your hair, causing frizz, weakness, and dryness to your hair. 

The best practice that you could do is to gently pat your hair instead and allow it to air dry. While the drying process can take a lot longer, it can keep your hair healthier and shinier. 

4. Condition Your Hair Properly

You’d be surprised how many people use hair conditioners wrong. When it comes to applying hair conditioner, it’s recommended to only apply it to your hair’s tips and avoid touching the roots as it can make your hair oilier. 

After applying the conditioner and leaving it on for a few minutes, you should rinse your hair thoroughly and ensure no part of the conditioner is still in the hair. If you fail to wash away the conditioner from your hair, expect it to make your locks greasier and more prone to dandruff which can be itchy. 

5. Use Wide-Tooth Comb

After taking your shower, you might want to brush your hair immediately as it may be full of tangles which can significantly annoy you, especially if you’re trying to fix your hair. 

If you must brush your hair, you should use a wide-tooth comb so that you’re not forcing every strand to be silky, straight, and tangle-free. With a wide-tooth comb, you’re not putting any stress on your hair, allowing you to detangle every knot for healthier hair. 

When you force to detangle your hair, expect that you can develop damaged and frizzy hair, making your hair condition worse. 

6. Keep Your Hair Away From Sun Damage

If you must go out during the day, you should always protect your hair from the sun as the harsh sun ray can damage your hair and remove its moisture, making your strands dry, brittle, and frizzy. 

To protect your hair, you should wear summer hats or caps to secure your hair from sun damage. However, with styled hair, you may opt to use a thick umbrella instead. In that way, not only can you protect your hair, but you can also protect your skin. 


Hair care isn’t as easy as it sounds. To keep your hair healthy, you need to cut down on a few damaging habits that you may think are harmless to your hair. It’s recommended to stop rubbing your hair together with a hair towel, and you also need to avoid brushing your hair with your favorite brush or narrow-tooth comb. 

While caring for your hair may take a little extra work, you should be happy when you see the results that your hair is strong and healthy, allowing you to regain your confidence. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.