2022 Beauty Trends to Look Out For


The beauty world offering fun, sometimes vibrant, always creative trends for us to follow each year is something we can come to count on. While trends will change often, the fact that we can have the next year’s looks laid out for us in advance has a reassuring consistency to it.

Every year various fashion weeks around the world take place and at those runways designers and brands outline the projected looks and trends for the year to come. New York had its 2022 Fashion Week in February of 2021, while the other main runway shows–Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and London Fashion week–just recently held their looks for 2022 shows in September of 2021. Now that all of the big Fashion Weeks have run their course for the year, we can compile the most consistent beauty looks across the different designers and project the biggest beauty trends of 2022 to look out for. 

While some looks stood out for their constancy at each show, designers revealed many different beauty looks to the point where the highlights can be sifted through and favorites chosen. We asked top beauty industry business owners what their favorite projected beauty trends for 2022 are to provide you with a wide range of styles to choose from.

The Best Beauty Trends for 2022

Y2K Beauty Looks

Some trends seem to only grow in popularity and stick around for a long time–such as bold brows (now “soap brows” are the new look) and balayage hair–while others return from the past with fresh vibrancy and a modern twist. The Y2K era is one that has made a very recent comeback in the beauty world, and those who grew up during that time are simply eating it up.

“I love the fresh way the Y2K early 2000s trends have returned to the scene in 2020 and 2021, so I love that it is projected to continue in popularity next year. I grew up and attended high school during the early 2000s so there is something nostalgic and wonderful to me about incorporating the trends I grew up with now as an established adult. Of course, the Y2K whirlwind is bringing back the highlights of Y2K style in such chic and modern ways, like the cool older sister alternative to all of us 2000s kids who stumbled through fashion blindly. The Fashion Weeks brought back only the best parts of Y2K: middle parts, tiny braids, chunky hair accessories, body glitter, and under eyes studded with gems and rhinestones. Bedazzling used to be a huge concept when I was growing up, and 2022’s use of gems is going to be the next level glow-up the jewel trend deserves”

Futuristic Looks

While some trends return from the past, as far back as history stretches you can find evidence of humans’ fascination with the future. From pop culture and media depicting imaginative versions of the Sci-Fi future to utilitarian minimalist clothing styles reminiscent of what people generally tend to envision we will be wearing in the future, futurism is an artistic movement of its own. The excitement over the future was present at the Fashion Weeks’ runway shows as well, depicted in the futuristic makeup looks.

“At Particle we’re all about advancing into the future of skincare through engineering our products to combine science and beauty, so for me the answer is easy: my favorite look for 2022 is the futuristic nod. This showed itself in abstract lines, slicked back hair, and pale color schemes reminiscent of space, like cool blues and unsaturated tones. We always say handsome is ageless at Particle which is why our products smooth out wrinkles and inflammation in aging skin. I like the idea of smoother, softer skin lasting far into the future. ”

Natural Makeup Looks

During the Covid-19 pandemic when we were confined to our houses and covered our faces with masks it is no surprise that makeup sales plummeted. With the exception of eye and brow makeup (suddenly the focal point due to the mask covering the lower half of the face), products like blush, foundation, and lip products were deemed unnecessary for the time.

The co-founder and co-CEO of Cult Beauty commented on the change at the time, saying she didn’t expect dramatic makeup to return quickly. 

“Projecting the glamour of full-face make-up feels unseemly in these times. In the past few months our aesthetic has changed, and I can’t see the Insta-glamorous look making a fast comeback. Contour palettes are starting to gather dust as consumers embrace freer, more natural make-up looks. It’s the lashes category that’s experiencing a bumper year so far.”

Fresh Faced and Glowy Skin

Inge was correct in commenting on the current state of toned down, natural looking makeup as well as in anticipating its continual popularity. During the Fashion Weeks, skin was fresh and light.

“My favorite trend for 2022 is dewy natural looking skin. It reminds people about the importance of taking care of their skin so that this look isn’t only creatable with makeup nor is it merely a passing fad. At MadeMan we’re always trying to push that well cared for skin boosts confidence and quality of life. It should be cool to have healthy glowing skin, just as Fashion Week has established, because your skin is one of the first things people see about you. Our mission at MadeMan is to boost the availability of quality skincare products for men, because they’re the ones more likely to neglect their skin. Dewy natural skin isn’t just a look for women–it’s for everyone.”

Brightly Colored Eyes

While Inge projected that makeup would stay subtle for a while to come, the excitement over the increase in vaccines leading to less mask wearing has prompted people to go all out with their makeup; bright neon colors on the eyelids are especially popular for 2022, as well as on cheeks and lips.

The Vice President of Consumer Engagement & Retail at Estée Lauder actually anticipated the speedy return of bold makeup back in July of 2020, and brightly colored eyes were certainly dominating the runway during the Fashion Weeks.

“We anticipate a renewed interest in colour make-up when lockdown lifts and socialising and celebrations begin. We’re pivoting for this with our key launches.”

  • Lesley Crowther, Vice President of Consumer Engagement & Retail at Estée Lauder

Classic Red Lips

Not only do the eyes get to make a bright comeback but so do the lips, now revealed from under the masks again. Lip makeup, while put on pause during the pandemic, has solidly returned via the classic red lip. It’s such a symbol of powerful women stepping into a man’s world and using both their brains and their cache of beauty products. 

“Watch for the timeless trend of the bold red lip to return full force next year as faces are beginning to be revealed again from behind the masks and screens. I personally am happy to see classic red lips come back as a trend because they’re a retrospective of strong women entering the scene.”

Bright Bold Lips

Not only is the classic scarlet red lip shade making a return to the beauty world, but any shades of bold lipstick are on the rise. From orange to magenta to red, bright statement lipstick is like a celebration in 2022 of baring your face.

“One beauty trend to look out for in 2022 is the 50’s bright red lip. A bold, red lip reminiscent of the age of Marilyn Monroe is on the rise in popularity. Whether you prefer a matte look or a glossy, lacquered finish, a vibrant lip can make your whole look come together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of red to see what looks best with your skin tone. From classic cherry-red to an orangier, more brick red, there are many options you can choose from to find your perfect shade.”

Rosy Blush

Rosy cheeks are also a big trend for 2022, with the Fashion Weeks featuring youthful, fresh faced models with cheeks glowing with pink and coral hues. It’s no secret that people feel they want a little color to spice up their style in 2022 after what has felt like a rather bleak two or so years. 

“I’m glad to see rosy fresh faced skin is a trend for 2022. Statement blush spread over the cheeks and nose was a big look during Fashion Week this year. While it’s our goal at Oxford Hill to help people feel and look better in their skin, like evening out complexions and toning down inflammation, the rosy blush trend helps people feel that it is ok to sport their skin proudly even with its unique imperfections.”

We love all of the suggestions above and can’t wait to incorporate these fresh looks into our beauty routines. You can even get a head start now–no, you don’t have to wait until 2022 to reveal your Fashion Week inspired styles. But as exciting as having fashion trends laid out for us before each new year begins, remember that you can reflect your style in any way–even by going against the mold and steering away from all the designer approved looks. As well known actress and model Lauren Hutton famously said, “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.