The Perfect Beach Day: How to Dress Your Kids?


A beach day with kids is totally different from a beach day with your partner. You need to have everything in order, including packing those baby boy clothes if you are going with your son. Though it may seem like some extra work, it is worth it. You will create beautiful memories as you watch your kids play with water and even join them to create a perfect beach day.

How to dress your kids for the beach

Dressing kids for the beach is quite different from how you dress as an adult. Kids play a lot, so it is essential that you dress them withstands such an amount of play. Besides, boys will require different clothing from girls. While all kids are playful, boys are known to put almost everything that comes their way to test. As you pick baby boy clothes for the beach, remember to include essentials that will protect your little guy.

As for your girl, you will want her to look classy with matching beach wears. However, don’t forget to include protective gears like little goggles for her as she enjoys the beach. Kids have more sensitive skin than adults. Sunscreen will come in handy in protecting your kids from the dangerous sun rays.

How to dress a boy for the beach

As much as you want sandals, rash guards and swimsuits that will look cute in vacation photos, you will need sun hats, sunglasses and life vests that will protect your boy for the whole beach day. Swimsuits for your little boys should have some lining in the suit and a waistband.

Go for a washable rash guard and sandals to complete your boy’s look. Sandals are great as they allow your little guy to run and move around. They also allow their little feet to get wet and have a feel of the sand. Choose the perfect size with adjustable straps for comfort and easy movement. There are sun hats for all ages so make sure you get one for your boy. In addition, include unbreakable googles with adjustable straps in your baby boy beachwear.

How to dress a girl for the beach

Your little ladies should look amazing but also be comfortable in their beach clothes. Besides, they also need protective gears as they enjoy a perfect beach day. There are numerous essentials in different colors that you can match your little girl’s outfit. From colorful sun hats, beautiful googles and rash guards, you can protect her and still let her rock the beach.

Though you want her to be all cute, she is still your little bundle with sensitive skin so remember to splash that sunscreen. When it comes to playing, she won’t remember how cute her outfit was as she will splash water and build sandcastles all round. Carry extra clothes so you can have a relaxing day without any stress at the beach.

Final thought

You need some quality time with your kids once in a while. The beach is a great place to enjoy beautiful moments and create family memories with your kids. You can take photos, play in the sand and splash water all over. However, ensure you dress your little ones safe, so they play as much as they want.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.