6 Most Useful Tips for Buying the Best Silver Jewelry You Need to Know


There are many options of silver jewelry on the market today so it can be challenging to know if you are buying the best quality silver jewelry.

Finding high-quality silver pieces is difficult because there are lots of fake products on the market claiming to be silver. So, you need to be in a position to identify the best quality silver jewelry to be able to enjoy its exquisite. Following are the 6 best tips for buying the best silver jewelry you need to know:

1. Inspect the Price

Silver is a valuable and precious metal and this has to be reflected in its price because silver jewelry tends to be expensive. Price inspection will help you to identify the best quality silver jewelry in the different stores.

First, check the current price of sterling silver which will act as a baseline when assessing the various prices of different silver jewelry, you need to buy. You can also check the asking price of the silver jewelry pieces because low prices will be an indication of poor-quality silver or even fake.

More so, you should also worry about massive discounts on various silver jewelry pieces because it might be due to poor quality that the store is giving those discounts.

2. Talk Directly to The Seller

It is safe to talk directly to the seller of the silver jewelry whether by email, phone, or any other communication channel provided. This boosts your trust in the seller and you can ask any questions about the product and see how he or she answers back.

If the seller is freely giving you information on the products then you should trust him or her because he knows and trusts what he or she is selling to you.

Best of all, if the seller has a physical location then it is safe and better because this a good sign that shows less likelihood of being scammed. You can be assured of the quality you are being sold to as the seller knows you can come back and complain.

3. Check Online Reviews

You can look for online reviews about the quality of silver jewelry that other people bought from a particular jeweler store. People will always reveal online their experiences with the various products of particular businesses.

So, if people recommend a particular store of wholesale charms and the reviews are positive, then you can be assured of the same good quality silver jewelry and you can buy from that store. But if the reviews are negative, then you need to run away and try other stores.

4. Asks Friends and Relatives

You can ask your friends and relatives where they bought their good quality silver jewelry. This saves you a lot of time you would have wasted in trying to check the quality of silver jewelry for different stores.

Best of all, your friends and relatives direct you to a place they already trust and have got good experience with. All you have to do is just check out the silver jewelry pieces of the recommended jewelry store and pick the type you want.

5. Look for Silver Grade Specifications 

High-quality or real silver has specific markings that help you to distinguish it from the fake and are normally tiny and located in a discrete place. You may need a magnifying glass or strong lighting to identify them.     

So, if you already have the silver, you can check and see if it has sterling or 925 marks on it because these two markings indicate high-quality silver jewelry.

On the other hand, if it indicates EPNS, it means you have subpar jewelry, not real silver jewelry. Remember real silver has greater durability and is very malleable for soft and easy bending among other qualities.

6. Make Physical Tests to Be Guaranteed of Authenticity

You have to perform minor tests to ensure you have the best quality silver jewelry and they won’t harm your pure silver. Use a magnet and see if your silver jewelry is magnetic because real silver isn’t a magnetic metal.

You can also rub your silver jewelry with a clean white cloth. If black spots appear on the cloth then that is real silver because when real silver is exposed to air, it oxidizes and creates black marks.

Get the Best Silver Jewelry

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.