Top 5 Short Beard Styles to Try This Summer


Summer is not just about heading over to the beach and basking in the sun. It can be the perfect season for men to revamp their look and sport a short and neat beard. The classic trimmed stubble is a timeless style that ramps up your appearance with a sophisticated, refreshing, and attractive look. And if you haven’t decided which facial hair fad to wear, we’ve jotted down the most popular short beard styles you can try.

5 Most Popular Short Beard Styles

  1. Stubble

It speaks simplicity but highlights the contours of your jawline no matter what face shape you have. It also exhibits a more masculine side that complements your versatile look whether you go formal or casual. Just make sure to keep it neat and edgy with precise trimming and grooming.

  1. Circle Beard

This style can be your ultimate remedy to uneven sideburns and hairs on your cheeks. It features a neat beard bordering the mouth that flatters men with square and oval faces.

  1. Anchor Beard

This beard’s moniker says it all. The anchor-shaped trim features a beard with a goatee and a mustache with the edges neatly parted from the beard. Whether you have a square or round face, you can go for it. This will do the trick on your oval-shaped face, too.

  1. Beard + Mustache

Also known as the Beardstache. The perfect marriage of light and rugged stubble and full mustache gives off a vintage look that recalls a little bit of the olden days. Regular trimming with precise grooming with a trimmer will keep the length of your beard and thickness of mustache. Scissors will work, too!

  1. Short Boxed Beard

If you can’t decide which short beard style to flatter your face shape, the short boxed beard takes no sides. It is suitable for men of all face shapes. This stylish stubble is all about a shaggy and thicker beard but with polished and sleek trim. No patches. It highlights a distinct box shape through the neatly trimmed facial hair on both sides of your lips. The neckline also needs a careful trim to keep the style.

How to Trim and Style a Short Beard

It takes regular and proper trimming and styling to keep your stubble to its optimum length and style. How should you do it? Here are some pointers to remember.

  1. Prepare the right tools for trimming. You need the best stubble trimmer to achieve your desired length. Keep it sharp, clean, and perfectly working. Check the guards and clippers for any damages. Letting the dull blades work, you’ll likely hurt yourself. Remove any hair residues and dirt.
  2. Decide on which beard style you should go for. The styles listed above are some of the popular choices you can consider. Take note of your face shape and preferences.
  3. Make sure to keep your beard clean before you begin trimming.
  4. Set the beard trimmer to the optimum level for a clean and even trim. If you want to make precise cuts and trimming, you can clean and sharp scissors.
  5. Start trimming. Always do it carefully and slowly. Aim for the longest hairs and trim them until you achieve your desired length.
  6. Work on all parts of your beard and go against the grain.
  7. Include the neckline for neat trimming.

Giving your facial hair a stylish tweak is another way to frolic in the summer heat. There are different short beard styles you can wear and with regular grooming and trimming, you can keep the clean and classic cut no matter what the season is!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.