4 Best Casual Fashion Games To Play In 2021


When it comes to playtime, children and even adults love to dress up. Kids love to play pretend since they have a fantastic imagination. Often, they enjoy dressing up as a princess, a superhero, or even their favorite fictional characters. Sometimes, your sons or daughters might even dress up like you, wear your makeup, put on your shoes, and pretend like they’re going to work. It’s adorable to see these youngsters act like they’re older than they are. But did you know that it’s not just a fun game that kids play? It also allows them to improve their creativity and express their artistic minds. 

Adults, too, love to play dress-up, especially during Halloween. It’s an opportunity for them to step out of their busy lifestyles and allows them to have a bit of fun, even for just one night. Some creative adults even do this for a hobby, through cosplaying, historical reenactment, or having a job where they can wear all kinds of costumes. 

But the most common way for kids or adults to express themselves outwardly is through their fashion choices. Many kids enjoy choosing their clothes rather than relying on their parents to pick them out for them. And plenty of adults enjoy fashion and show it through their social media. Therefore, it’s understandable why video games about fashion are so popular. 

Dress-up games have been around for so long, but it’s still one of the most popular games around. This is because it’s enjoyable, relaxing, and satisfying to play. But it can be easy to go through all kinds of dress-up games, so most are on the lookout for a new dress-up game. The best part about casual fashion games is that there are always new releases like the ones below. 

1. Princess Dream Dress

This game is perfect for anyone who loves Anna from Frozen since she’s the primary model for this dress-up game. The controls are pretty simple since you press three buttons until you find the piece that you want. The clothes come in vibrant colors, and the beautiful small details make the pieces look realistic. Accessories such as jewelry, handbags, and a tiara pull the look together. And you can even choose a hairdo that will go perfectly with the whole outfit. 

2. Anime Girl Fashion Dress Up & Makeup

Anime is famous across the world, and even for people of different ages. The unique and beautiful art is much different from the American cartoons that most people are used to. This game’s use of Anime allows the player to customize the whole character’s image. You can choose the skin-color and pick from so many hairstyles. You even have all kinds of eye shapes, eye color, and eye makeup to try out. You can then pick out different eyebrow shapes, lip colors and finishes, and blush shades. This game offers you a plethora of accessories like jewelry, headpieces, dresses, shirts, outerwear, stockings, shoes, bags, pets, and even backgrounds! For sure, this is one dress-up game that gives you so many choices.

3. Instagirls Dress Up

With social media stars becoming popular inspirations for fashion, it’s great to see a dress-up game inspired by the Instagram style. These days, even fashionable kids are on Instagram! You can choose different characters to dress up, and it’s terrific to see a game that embraces inclusivity. As you know, older dress-up games only allowed you to dress up one or a few characters. This game also allows you to choose pieces and buy them with the money that you’re provided within the game. It’s not only teaching you how to be stylish but also how to spend your money wisely. The art and proportions of the characters are elegant. And the pieces are more realistic and comes in various styles and tastes that are all trendy enough for Instagram.

4. Vampire Dress Up

Dress-up isn’t limited to casual fashion or the usual princess outfits. It can also branch out to more fantastical themes like vampires, which adds variety to the gaming genre. One thing that you’ll notice about this game is the bold colors and unique art style. When it comes to customizing the character, you get more unusual colors. You can choose purple eyebrows, red eyeshadow, yellow eyes, blue mascara, pale blush, and green lipstick. The hairstyles are unique because they’re more edgy and creative. The gothic clothing and accessories also fit the theme perfectly to create a look you can imagine a vampire wearing. 


With so many consoles like the Nintendo Switch releasing so many games for kids, it’s fantastic to see simple dress-up games are still popular. It’s essentially like playing paper dolls that kids loved so long ago, but minus the clutter. The best part is that there are many to choose from, and you’ll probably have to spend several hours in a day trying all of them out.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.