Reasons To Get A Tattoo Before Traveling


A lot of people have a romantic image of going traveling and getting a tattoo while they are away. Coming back from your exciting journey with new ink can feel like a great way to mark the trip and ensure that you remember it forever, but there are plenty of issues that can crop up if you do go to get inked abroad.

In this guide, we’re looking at the top reasons to get a tattoo before traveling (of course, you can wait until after, too, but why wait to get the tattoo you are so desperate for?)

Comfort While Traveling

Getting flights, bus journeys and other forms of transport can be frustrating at the best of times, but if you have a fresh tattoo to deal with then it can be even more annoying, as you might need to keep applying creams and checking on the tattoo. Plus, if it is in an awkward place or causing you pain it can make it much harder to get a decent sleep while you are on your travels, or to properly chill out on the plane.

Trusting the Tattoo Artist

How many stories have you heard of someone getting a tattoo when they are in an unfamiliar place and ending up unhappy with it? Especially if they have been drinking. This is one of the problems with getting a tattoo in a new place, you won’t know the tattoo artist and this means that you can’t be 100% certain of their abilities. You might have a tattoo artist at home who you know and work with regularly, who will always provide something in your style. There’s a risk with a new artist.

Not Wasting Traveling Time

This is especially true if you are getting a bigger piece such as a back piece done. Why would you spend all day in a tattoo parlour instead of exploring the new location? You will probably want to make the most of your limited days and weeks in the location. Many people would rather say “I’ll get a tattoo near me, and enjoy the travel time”.

The Climate

If it’s warm, did you know that you might have more issues with your tattoo? Heat can make your tattoos, and the skin around the tattoo, get a lot more dry and this means that you will constantly have to apply more cream in order to keep it under control. If you are traveling somewhere hot then the discomfort caused by a fresh tattoo might be a lot worse than if you are in a cooler location.

Foreign Culture Implications

Did you know that tattoos still aren’t accepted all over the world? You might live somewhere where it feels like half of the people have tattoos. So, it is really easy to forget that culturally, not every location sees them as the norm. Some countries have extremely strict rules about who can carry out tattoos, and others even restrict which parts of the bodies you can get tattooed. To stay in line with the local law, it is best to check, but it could be that you want to make sure you know the process. Many people think “I’d rather go to tattoo shops near me” as they will be able to do their research more easily.

If You Get Ill, Will Your Insurance Cover It?

If you get an infection from going to a tattoo place that is not trustworthy, will you be covered under your insurance policy? The answer is “probably not” as a lot of these sorts of incidents will be seen as self-inflicted, due to the fact that you chose to get a tattoo. Travel insurance will cover your medical issues for a lot of travel-related issues, but issues stemming from a tattoo might not be covered.

Leave Time for a Follow-Up Before Leaving

Many of the best tattoo artists will insist upon a follow-up to see how the tattoo is healing and keep a close eye on it. They might also add some more detailing at this stage. We recommend not traveling straight away after getting a tattoo, you should leave time to get it checked and have a follow-up appointment first.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.