Spring Style for Men in 2021


What’s in this year for men’s fashion?

You see us continually discuss women’s spring fashion trends, but what about men’s fashion? It’s true, men’s fashion trends don’t change as extremely or as quickly as women’s fashion trends do, but it’s still important to note what’s in this season for men. And with spring fashion comes major changes and style choices! So, we’re here to give you the 4-1-1 on what’s in for Spring 2021!

Nautical Looks

When many think of spring, they think of bright, beautiful days with the potential to lay on the beach or go sailing. Well, after being locked inside their homes through the pandemic, people are focusing much more on sailing and getting away in spring of 2021. That being said, nautical looks are in. This means your sailor-inspired shirts and tees are on trend! Anything light blue, striped, or covered in sailor-like attire is important to pull out of the closet and put on right now. Heck, with nautical looks being in, as well as similar aspects of 70s fashion, it’s possible we’ll see the men’s ascots come back into style before too long.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans for men are trending in Spring 2021! All styles of bootcut jeans are in, so you have a variety you can choose from. Keep the legs long or roll them up. Think about getting faded bootcut jeans, acid washed ones, or jeans with patches. Whatever color palette or style you prefer, you can confidently feel on trend by wearing any of your bootcut jeans right now.

Stylish man in white classic shirt, looking at the mountains view

Bright Colors and Patterns

Bright colors and busy patterns have been hip for a bit now, and don’t expect them to go away any time soon. Especially for men, wearing accent pieces in bright colors is a great idea. Think about pairing a patterned shirt with bright accents. Or think about wearing bright-colored shoes with your dark denim pants. Colors are one of the most fun and loud ways you can express your personality, so be sure to play with colors and patterns to stay on trend while showing the world aspects of your personality.


As expected with traditional spring fashion, pastel colors are also in this spring. Your favorite light blues, light yellows, and violets are perfect to sport out into the sunny weather. Think about pairing a white t-shirt underneath of a pastel-colored button-up shirt, but leave it unbuttoned, of course. Or think about utilizing pastels in the details of your look such as on your shoelaces or watch. It’s all in the details, after all! Since bright colors are in, think about mixing bright colors with pastels to create colorful creations that will leave you looking like you walked off the runway of fashion week.

Men’s fashion is all about making a statement in 2021. Be sure to own your style choices and put together your looks while keeping the full variety of trends in mind. Think about pairing a nautical top with dark bootcut jeans and bright red shoes. Or think about matching a pastel t-shirt with a vibrant-colored button-up that compliments the pastel color. Remember, fashion is another way to express yourself and get creative, so get out there and have fun with your looks this spring.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.