Aspects to Consider When Choosing Wallpapers for Your Home


The look of your home will make a big impact on your visitors and affect how people perceive you. Therefore, it is essential to put together an exceptional look that best showcases your style to exude the best possible picture. Most homeowners assume that they do not need wall covering, but with their popularity in interior design, the sales of wall coverings are projected to grow in coming years. Wallpapers are among the coverings that have become quite popular and are sure to remain in vogue.

The following guideline covers a few elements you should consider when picking the wallpapers for your home to nail an exceptional look.

The lighting of your room

The natural lighting of the room in which you want to use the wallpaper will determine the best choice for you. If your room gets a lot of natural lighting, your best choice is to settle for light and bright wallpaper colors that accentuate its uplifting lighthearted atmosphere. Matte is also an ideal wallpaper choice because one with a reflective surface will have an evident sheen that draws attention away from your wallpaper’s design. Dark spaces are best accented with vibrant-colored wallpapers that will pop and catch the eye in your dimly lit space.

Your room ceiling’s height

Most people overlook the ceiling height of their interiors when choosing the wallpaper, a mistake that ultimately affects the room’s look. Low ceilings will make your room feel small, in which case, you should settle for a wallpaper pattern or color that will create an illusion of maximum space. The best choices in this instance are light-colored wallpapers with patterns featuring lively foregrounds on dark backgrounds to make the room feel large. For high ceilings, opt for elongating wallpaper patterns or images like tall trees that will effectively use the vertical plane created to draw the eye towards the ceiling.


Repeating graphics and patterns are good options for adding some styles to the walls of your home while introducing some spark into your space. In small spaces, décor experts recommend steering clear of repeating patterns on multiple walls because this makes the rooms feel claustrophobic. You can instead choose large patterns with repeating elements for different walls to generate a lengthening effect in the small room. Photowall has a broad range of patterned wallpapers you can choose from to match your space.

The furniture in your space

Before heading out to buy wallpaper, consider your furniture’s proportions because spaces with very large pieces might not look so good with wallpapered walls. This is because the pieces will block a significant portion of the wallpaper’s patterns, and you will not benefit much from its design. Even so, if you have bulky furniture, you can choose to wallpaper only one wall that is not occupied by the furniture so that you draw attention to this wall. You should also consider the fixtures like knobs and drawer handles used on your furniture so that you can match them to your wallpaper design.

The wall you want to decorate

Windows on the walls on which you want to use the wallpaper might pose some design issues. As such, most installers will charge an extra fee to cut the wallpaper around windows, doors and other fixtures because matching the design will be challenging. If your wall has windows or doors, pick a wallpaper pattern that can easily mold around them to avoid losing a chunk of your design when you have to cut spaces in it.

Wallpaper material

The two main options for wallpaper material are smooth and textured wallpapers. Textured wallpapers are often used to add detail to your space so that they complement a piece of art or pattern in the room. On the other hand, smooth wallpaper has a clean and refined look that creates a relaxing atmosphere and matches virtually all room designs. Furthermore, there is vinyl coated wallpaper that is a bit harder to clean and hide flaws compared to its solid vinyl counterpart.

Wall coverings are among the most powerful interior design accents and one of the oldest since they date back to the fifteenth century. Among the wall coverings that have been introduced to the market over the years, wallpapers stand out as the cheapest, most readily available, most impressive and easiest to use options. With a focus on the elements covered above, you are certain to pick the best wallpaper design to upgrade your interiors. This way, you can get an indoor look you cannot wait to showcase to the world.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.