10 Exquisite Trends in Interior Design Materials and Elements


Interior designs are changed and personalized every year depending on the individual choice, mood, and style. So are the material and elements that combine to form the bigger picture of that interior. Whether it is a modern kitchen, all-white living room, or a cozy king size sofa, there are many ways to give your interior the magical charm it deserves.

If you’re a modern home lover who regularly follows up trends to keep experimenting with the interior around – You might have encountered the vast number of objects, decoration, and even material that could be incorporated around your home.

There are things made out of acrylic, copper, brass, craftworks, paintings, and a bunch of whimsical things that carve a meticulous space in and around your home. However – conceptualizing your space without substantial choices in your hand can definitely be challenging.

To make things easy and prompt for you, we have put together ten exquisite materials and elements that are ready to transform the entire aesthetics of your interior. Let’s check them out.

1. Lighting Fixtures

If you want to bring some added glow to the rooms, lighting fixtures are fantastic to add more brightness and elegance to the place. These elements certainly are necessary to keep the design unrestricted and let the objects around to complement each other.

If you want to invest in lighting, lighting fixtures are definitely the right choice to make. Being a luxury lover, they can bring out the right kind of vibe and would make the entire place look ultra modern, beautiful, and voguish.

2. Unique Rugs

Rugs coupled with the mesmerizing colors, spectacular objects, furniture, and sparkling lights could evoke a particular essence to the atmosphere. Interior designers and decoration experts have been using them for long to furnish unique characteristics and personality at multiple places within the interior.

Apart from it, there are approaches to colors and shapes that could greatly enhance the space to match the desirable taste. Whether you want to make things look retro, or want to turn things into a contemporary design, rugs have the tendency to evoke mix accents and tones.

3. Wallpaper Ceiling

Earlier ceiling were all about spectacular artwork and abstract designs that either are shaped using temporary false ceiling, or – the permanent one, but – Now – as trends are taking a leap, ceilings are ready to embrace profound imagination and creativity. Wallpapering a ceiling is among the most promising trends of interior design for 2020 and beyond. Instead of keeping the ceiling plainly designed, give them a magnificent contrast. Beautiful patterns and designs would have all the possibility to instill a dramatic appearance that would hook your guests for a longer time.

4. Handmade Goods

Following the idea of sustainable living, handmade goods are brought to the fore by people who live by nature. Handmade still makes sense when we are living and sharing the World with machines. Handmade goods are synonymous to limitless human creativity and pure devotion. When placed around, these goods evoke a greater sense of connection and emotion. Moreover, on the other side, they keep the diverse art-forms alive that are still waiting to get explored.

5. Distressed Wood

If you are approaching the interior to create something rustic, classic, and timeless, distressed wood is fairly the right choice. Adding distressed wood in the interior is like walking back to prehistoric times and experiencing the nostalgic feeling that comes with it.

On the top of it, it could be an ideal way to upgrade your home with some uniqueness, character, and warmth around the atmosphere. There are multiple ways you can indulge wood within the home – either use them with walls or incorporate them into doors or furniture. Having them around your interior is a sure shot way to get more eyeballs to your home for years.

6. Bronze

Bronze antiquities reflect a particular period of time. There was a time bronze was too popular and people in traditional times have used them for multiple purposes. As the bronze trends are taking a U-turn, elements like bronze are steeply getting more attention and glory from the interior designs and home decorators. Being a significant attention grabber, the metal that mimics gold could spark interest from a particular style of people. Add them to the interior if you want something sophisticated and grandeur.

From bronze pots, wall hangings, bronze vases, to bronze statues, there are ways bronze could turn your home into a stellar hub of masterpieces.

 7. Concrete

Concrete is fundamentally an architectural element. Since traditional times it is used to shape buildings, homes, and construction blocks, however in the modern interior sense, concrete is giving a push to architecture art forms that refine interior aesthetics and decoration within the building.

Now there are multifarious ways where concrete manifests its hidden charm through beautiful furniture, planters, lamps, concrete wall designs, and tiles. Being so cheap and affordable, it is a great way to inspire minimal living without having the noise of modern lifestyle. Thus, it can be an element that should be utilized in the year to come.

8. Cane Goods

If you want to feel close to nature, cane goods are fantastic for this purpose. Being eco-friendly, organic, and strong, they make up for fabulous looking furniture, decoration, and wall art. Being so durable and light-weight, these last longer than normal wood that make them an incredible choice for minimal and sustainable living. Steadily, these elements are picking traction and in years to come, we will surely witness them taking a major place around our lives.

Undoubtedly, these objects are among the hottest interior material trends for 2020 and beyond to look for. If you’re up for trying them – definitely some surprises are waiting for you at the door.

9. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a material that have a prolong history of being used in different art work, tools, and even in homes. Basically, it is a part of marble chipping set using cement. Previously, they are predominantly used as a way to use the scrapped rock. Although, the material is mostly was used as flooring but now as the new creative minds are setting off to create a new way of interior style. Terrazzo will become more versatile to take its place in variety of forms. Be it decoration, kitchen tops, tables, or furniture, it will replace several unsustainable items to give us a responsible and healthier choice.

10. Terracotta                     

Among the other environmentally friendly materials, terracotta is the last one on our list of the trend interior materials. Terracotta, while needs no introduction, is widely popular in pots, artifacts, and crafts. Being so natural, it has a vivid sense of tone and appeal that one can harness by mingling it at different levels of interior decoration.

Its unique color and rustic charm can infuse timeless beauty around that are both welcoming and emotionally engaging at the same time.

The Bottom Line

While there are plethoras of ways one could rearrange or renovate the vicinity inside a building to create an ultimate masterpiece. However, the elements and material an individual chooses should be a depiction of one’s trait that cannot be ordinary in any way. 


Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.