How To Draw Inspiration For Your Home Through Fashion


Having to design the interior of your home might be a fun idea most especially if you want it to represent who you are as a person. The design of the house is something that hands-on homeowners like you do take pride in. As guests enter your home, they would undoubtedly think that your home was designed with the personal touches of its amazing dweller.

While decorating your home may seem a huge work, finding the right inspiration to help you out with the design and arrangement would really help. If you’re a fashion-forward type of person, you may want to browse among stunning vogue pieces that suit your fashion sense for some inspiration. This will most likely reflect your personality—matching how you dress with how you decorate your home. A brilliant idea may come from some exceptionally designed everyday shoes such as ECCO shoes. The comfort and timeless design of these type of shoes could be incorporated into the new design of your home.

Once you find that perfect fashion inspiration, you can consider some of its defining factors, elements, and characteristics to help you with specific design details for your home remodeling project. These include but are not limited to the following:

Color, Texture, and Pattern

The way you work on how you look can be part of your inspiration in designing your home. Check your wardrobe and see if you notice any matching themes. Are you a fan of silk, lace, leather, or cotton? Do you have more patterned clothes than plain ones? What color scheme does your wardrobe have? Is it lively and colorful, composed of pastels, neutrals, dark, or light hues?

The way you choose your clothing can be your way of choosing the design elements for your home. These colors, patterns, and textures may resemble your walls, floors, furniture, lighting fixtures, decors, etc. In this way, you’ll be able to ensure that you’ll enjoy the new look of your home as much as you revel in the beauty of your own wardrobe.

Material and Finish

How do you like your fabrics to be made of? How do you want the finish of your clothing to be? Do you love them sparkly, matte, or sheer? The way you pick the fabric material and finish of your outfit can be applied to the way you decorate your home. 

You can take inspiration from fashion designers who combine different materials and finishes that work fantastically together. You can also read fashion magazines and capture some styles that would greatly match your home. 

While getting inspiration from a fashion designer sounds like a great idea, make sure that it’s something you yourself would love as a fashionista too.


How do you usually decide what to buy and wear? Normally you’d have a ‘theme’ on how you dress. You may be into formal, bohemian, preppy, artsy, grunge, punk, trendy, vintage, feminine, tomboy, girl next door, and sporty types of wear. Using the fashion theme you’d love to have, you can begin acquiring materials, paints, and home décor that have a close affinity. If you’re into arts, you can have a blend of architecture-related fashion styles into your home such as classical, abstract, contemporary, art deco, etc.

When choosing the theme of your home, make sure that it matches with the furniture as well. You could surround yourself with bold paintings and apt furniture designs, according to your theme. If you are a detail-oriented person who values the intricacy of design, then you might want to have bone inlay furniture at home.


The way you layer your clothing should also be considered. You could layer different patterns that still look great together or you could choose your dominant color and have it stand out among anything else in the house. You can play with layers when you design your curtains, beddings, and living room. Anything that has a piece of cloth in it, layer it, and have some fun!

Go for Timeless Design

As we all know, fashion trends come and go. What might look amazing today will be obsolete in the future. While we take fashion as inspiration for our house design, we wouldn’t want our home to be outdated as it’ll be more expensive to redecorate rather than to buy new clothes. 

While it’s fun to play with colors, you might not enjoy having them as time goes by most especially when there’s a new trend in town. The most recommended style that you could go for is the minimalist design so you wouldn’t have to be too worried about getting out of style. Focus on investing in timeless statement pieces such as lighting fixtures, rugs, and sectionals. 

However, if you want to go for exquisite trends, you’re free to do so too. You got to be ready for sudden changes though.


Designing your home in the way you dress is a fantastic idea. Not only that it’s more stylish but it’s also very personal for the homeowner. You’ll be able to express yourself more by designing your home and it won’t be limited to the way you dress anymore. It’ll add a personal touch to each room and area, making you truly feel at home at every corner. 

Let your home speak for yourself most especially when guests start to arrive. They’ll definitely feel that they’re at your empire with the way you decorated your house. It’ll be an interior like no other!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.