How to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day


If you think about it, Valentine’s Day is a nuisance for the environment. Most of the traditions of Valentine’s Day like the billion cards people send each other are not really a friend to the environment. The cards are just one aspect, several billion dollars are spent every year on gifts that are just thrown away like teddy bears, balloons, and decorations.

However there are many eco-friendly and sustainable ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day!

1. Consider alternatives for wrapping paper

The insane amounts of wrapping paper and sticky tape used on Valentine’s Days mostly all eventually winds up in landfills, since most of it is non-recyclable due to the lamination, inks and glitter used in them. However, wrapped gifts are a lovely tradition, and there are other options we can consider. You can wrap gifts with recyclable or recycled brown paper and natural twine. You can also make the gift wrap a present itself, like wrapping a gift in scarves which can also be a present. Custom Tote Bags also make great gift bags since they are reusable and also look amazing.

2. Ditch the cards

Card giving is a tradition that needs to be let go. Every year over a billion cards are exchanged just on Valentine’s Day. One tree has to be cut down for every 3000 cards, if we do the math, the one billion cards exchanged on Valentine’s Day are responsible for almost 300,000 trees being chopped down. That is too large a number just to tell someone something that can easily be done by simply talking to each other.

3. Consider Houseplants over Flowers

At the end of the day cut flowers die and are thrown out. Additionally flowers are a rather cliché Valentine’s gift. It is a better idea to give a houseplant, or something that will stay alive for longer, it might be a better metaphor for your relationship.

4. Bake them a cake

If you lovingly bake your sweetheart some cupcakes, not only do you get to eat them with your significant other, you get to help with the climate crisis as you haven’t bought any plastic-y throwaway item.

5. Plan a constructive date

A great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, could be giving the gift of experiences instead of material things. You could take classes together like or do things where you battle your fears and embrace it together. It shows that you have put real thought into getting them something they will enjoy like karaoke or a couple’s massage. I love the idea of a massage as a Valentine’s gift, because it allows you to do something together as a couple, and also be your own person, having your own experiences. Memories from such experiences last a lifetime, and the experiences you share mean more than just any other gift.

6. Stay at home date

Plan an evening at home, chock full of activities and games so you can enjoy quality time with each other. You could play board games, snuggle in front of the fire, cook a meal together, or just Netflix and chill. By staying in you save a lot money as well as doing something concrete to stabilize your relationship and the environment.

7. Plan a picnic

There are few things more romantic than a traditional style picnic for two. Pick out a pretty place, and pack some food and wine so you can relax and enjoy yourselves. Talk about everything under the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature, and each other’s company. Just ensure that you don’t litter and take any trash straight to the waste bins.

8. Go stargazing

There is something mesmerizing and most romantic about looking at stars on a dark night. Make a stargazing date with your significant other for Valentine’s Day. Just make sure that you have jackets and something a little warm to cover-up, and then you and your significant other van can snuggle under the stars. It is a humbling yet romantic feeling to know that in the vast expanse of the universe, you and your partner still found each other. Toast to a world of infinite possibilities that hopefully is not contaminated by unnecessary waste.

Happy eco-friendly Valentine’s Day!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.