Top Fashion Bloggers on YouTube


Gone are the days when you need to buy and flip through a magazine for the latest trends in the fashion industry. Thanks to the content uploaded by fashion bloggers on YouTube, you can now find out everything you need to stay trendy.

And if you are looking for the top fashion bloggers on YouTube, you have come to the right place. With millions of videos uploaded every month, YouTube is the ideal place to stay updated with your fashion sense.

The work of some of the luxury fashion YouTubers we would discuss is to fill you in with the details of the most sage style wisdom so you can rock the latest styles and dazzle on red carpets.

Who is Currently the Most Popular on YouTube in the sphere of Fashion and Beauty?

There are hundreds of fashion influencers that create content in their ways.

Yet, Statista, in its October 2020 report, confirmed that Yuya is the most popular YouTube fashion blogger. The rating was after checking her number of views, subscribers, and the variety of topics she covers.

At the time, Yuya, a Mexican beauty blogger, had over 24 million subscribers to her channel.

However, the best fashion videos you can find are on YouTube. You haven’t seen the best of it all because there are several other top vloggers on the platform that you want to start watching. The platform is set in a way that getting a first audience can be now easier with different services. This is one of the means top bloggers also use to gain their popularity on YouTube.

Your First 100 Subscribers

Let’s have a look at the most trendy channels in fashion.

1. Zoella

While Yuya may have been dominating, Zoella has been here for some time. Zoella is a lifestyle YouTube channel that started in 2009.

Founded and run by Zoe Sugg, Zoella has since December 2009 amassed over 1.1 billion views on the varieties of latest style videos uploaded on the channel.

Zoella is one of the leading YouTubers with one of the largest subscriber bases and valuable fashion and beauty content to share.

It is also exciting to note that Zoe has a subscriber base of 11.5 million who tune in to watch the makeup tutorials and beauty hacks shared on the channel.

Forbes also recognizes her with a detailed article on how she makes millions from YouTube beauty tutorials.

2. Tess Christine

The story of Tess Christine is one that should inspire many people to become action-takers instead of serial procrastinators.

According to her, she started her vogue channel not because she is good at making great videos. But, because she loves to share her ideas on shopping and makeup – which are two of the best things she loves doing!

So, you can agree now that sometimes, your passion for something could outweigh any objections you may have.

Tess Christine has remained consistent since starting her fashion YouTube channel in April 2008.

Although she publishes 2 to 3 videos per month, it still didn’t downsize her audience because she already has over 200 million views.

Her channel also has over 2.4 million subscribers waiting patiently for the next video to drop so they can watch.

3. Vanessa Zilleti

If there is any top style blogger on YouTube that lets you follow her journey as if it were a movie series, it is Vanessa Zilleti.

This vlogger started her channel in September 2010. Barely a decade later, she now has a huge following of over 400,000 subscribers.

Her videos aren’t doing badly either, as she has over 50 million views.

Vanessa specializes in video shopping to show you how she shops for her fashion items. She also does great videos on her travels, makeup tutorials, face care routine, and hairstyle guides.

When she is not unboxing the latest style items, she will be shooting funny videos and facilitating video challenges to keep her viewers busy and entertained.

4. Jenn Im

Jenn Im is another popular fashion and beauty influencer you should start watching her videos on YouTube.

This Korean American vlogger took to the next level her love for the Korean beauty lifestyle by starting a channel that focuses on lifestyle advice and style musings.

A couple of times, she also uploads video content on her monthly favorites, picture-shooting tutorials, and tutorials.

To show her creative side, Jenn often engages her subscribers by creating video content on diet tips. She also shares her tours and travels.

Between February 2010 (when she started her channel) and now, Jenn already amassed over 268 million views on her videos. She also has nearly 3 million subscribers following her content. 

5. Samantha Maria

Samantha is not your regular YouTube blogger that focuses just on fashion tips. Instead, she is more of a traveler and doesn’t waste time to share her traveling videos so you can see what she was up to when on her numerous trips.

Perhaps, one of the most innovative features of her Beauty Crush channel is the personalization of her videos. Samantha has a way of making her video content to be centered on her style and ability to adapt to style trends.

As a lady, some of the videos you will get to see on Samantha Maria’s channel are based on:

  • Travel
  • Eating
  • Beauty favorites
  • Advice and
  • Handbag collection

Samantha Maria has successfully amassed a huge following of over 1.8 million subscribers within a 12-year streak.

6. Patricia Bright

Residing in London, Patricia Bright is another dazzling YouTube fashion vlogger that is contributing her quota to the improved style sense of millions of ladies all over the world.

At the last count, her channel, BrightPopPrincess, has over 2.8 million subscribers who are pleased to watch her range of videos cutting across:

  • Clothing hauls
  • Hair tutorials
  • Vogue tips and
  • Beauty product reviews

7. Coolirpa

Coolirpa is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) YouTube fashion channel that is run by a United States-based vlogger called April.

April uses her channel to teach you some hacks on how to make your favorite clothing hauls at home.

You rest assured that your old clothes don’t need to be tossed into the waste bin because they are also useful. April teaches you how to recycle your old clothes into something new.

One amazing thing about April is that she has an entrepreneurship mindset. And that changes everything!

Otherwise, how best can you describe a YouTube fashion blogger that could turn $5 into a high-end short reportedly worth over $200?

8. Mel Joy

Here is one of the youngest fashion influencers on YouTube. Mel Joy is an American teenager making videos of just everything, especially if it has to do with beauty and trendy outfits for women.

The 18-year-old is worth studying because despite dropping about 10 videos a year, she has over a million subscribers.

Melody (which is her real name) often shoots videos of her boyfriend trying to help her beat down the price of clothing. At some other times, she would either be playing pranks on her friends or asking her boyfriend to pick out her outfits.

9. Kalyn Nicholson

With over 1.4 million subscribers, Kalyn is the next on our list of best fashion YouTube bloggers.

The 23-year-old Canadian lifestyle blogger drops video content on tips for organizing one’s life, as well as makeup tutorials.

When she is not talking to her dog, she would be offering life advice and uploading video content on clothing.

10. Amber Scholl

Last but not least is Amber Scholl. She is a Los Angeles-based YouTube fashion blogger that shares video content and ideas on how you can slay on a budget.

If you have been looking for ways to look like a queen with a few hundred dollars, Amber is your girl to teach you that!

You would also like the tutorials she gives and the live locations she doles out for you to get affordable clothing on a budget.

Final Thoughts

Several other YouTube fashion influencers are providing valuable content for you to look like a million dollars without spending more than a few hundred grand.

Which top fashion bloggers on YouTube you follow closely, and what do you like about their content?

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.