Disconnected Haircuts Are on the Rise in 2021

Disconnected Haircuts Are On The Rise In 2021

Short, sophisticated cuts are undeniably chic, but 2021 also calls for bolder hair choices. Disconnected haircuts are quickly rising to popularity, and it seems that everyone is ready to hop on this trend. From subtle undercuts to dramatic length changes, there are several ways to pull off this adventurous look. If you’re itching for a big chop, this hair trend is the perfect choice to refresh your style. Keep scrolling for some modern disconnected haircuts and choose your next look!

disconnected haircuts are on the rise in 2021
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Disconnected haircuts usually feature longer strands on top with extra short sides. These haircuts offer a lot of texture and create a somewhat messy look. We recommend this style for the ladies with textured hair who want to achieve a look that stands at the intersection of fierce and well put-together.

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