7 Pieces You Need to Embrace the 1970s Fashion Trend


We have truly immersed ourselves in the 1970s fashion trends that have taken over the fashion world from the spring collections, until the winter. What we don’t know exactly is how we are going to truly embrace the 1970s fashions and tweak them to suit our own personalities. After all, we are each our own person, and that means that despite what the runways show us, we will be mixing and matching until we create the right combination that truly reflects who we are inside. We want to get into the retro spirit though, all right, it’s just a matter of figuring out how we plan to do it. There are 7 pieces to the puzzle that create the foundation for the perfectly rocking ’70s look you hope to emulate.

1. That Truly Faux Fur Coat: We saw it everywhere on the runway, in different colors and different lengths. We even saw Stella McCartney’s furless fur coats that brought faux fur to a whole new level. The color blocked faux fur coats were cut in oversized pieces, looked rather cozy and were layered over just about everything. If you plan on rocking this look, you know that you can wear it over anything, from your favorite dresses to those awesome heels and even some wide brimmed hats. You can also go even more ’70s chic and throw on flared denims, choose a beanie hat and a chunky scarf and head out that way. Classic lines and earth tones are very much in, but if you want to go glam with it, a teal version is not too shabby either.

2. A Few Great Pairs of Flared Jeans: We mentioned wearing the flared jeans under the faux fur coats already. They speak ’70s fashion like no other and we know that the silhouette it cuts of our bodies is positively heavenly, particularly when it has a high waist. Flared jeans flatter the figure, no matter how thick or thin the body may be. They are quite simply the chicest part of the ’70s fashions we have seen yet to reach the modern runway, really setting the right mood. Look for a darker denim for the best look at the moment, or go for something super tight that sights high on the waist and flares from the knees, balancing out the body perfectly. Style it with wedges and a classic shirt or even go for a retro poncho that has also made it into the top fashion trends of the year. Those chunky heeled boots may also work underneath.


3. Adding a White Cotton Lace Blouse: Lace always brings to mind a combination of chaste and sexy, depending on which angle you look at it. It is like the preacher’s daughter who has a secret lover and dons on pieces of clothing that are made to tantalize while still covering it all up. They are simple and so very chic, making for a rather awesome case of nostalgic moments as we remember the days that such garments were all the rage. It speaks of quiet rebellions and polite retaliations. It is as retro as retro comes this year and we cannot help but love it. So if you plan on wearing these gorgeous blouses, go for the long sleeves and the high neckline, tucked into A-line skirts and finished off with complementary knee-high boots in gorgeous suede. After all, suede is very much in fashion right now, particularly within the spring and summer collections. Of course, it doesn’t disappear in the fall and winter either, but there the boots appear more often than the actual clothing designs.

4. Sticking to the Suede Skirt: We have seen suede pants, and suede shirts, suede dresses and suede skirts, but perhaps the latter one is best in this time period, as we doubt anyone can resist the buttery soft suppleness of a luxurious suede material brushing against your legs. This is most definitely one of the biggest staples brought to the year from the 1970s, wherein you should really be looking for the darker brown and camel shades when searching for the perfect suede skirt. Go for the A-line silhouette as that flatters best no matter what your body type, or it could drape over the body quite nicely, either cut short or falling to the knees. The knee length hems are definitely in style so we may suggest sticking to a midi instead of a mini, but that is personal preference. Tuck in a knit sweater with long sleeves and a turtleneck, while adding leather boots underneath, or switch to a delicate peasant blouse and pretty sandals if you plan to wear it out over the summer.


5. Please Your Senses with a Delicate Peasant Blouse: The 1970s had a very relaxed feel to the years, something we seem to have lost in the past decade or so. That may be why the larger, looser cuts are back in now, considering all the body cons that we’ve been putting up with for the past while. The delicate peasant shirts are certainly one of our favorite pieces to make their way over from the past, becoming an entirely effortless way to indulge in this trend at the moment. Go for the cotton-muslin version, or perhaps opt for the silk, while you can also do well with a crepe de chine material. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, simply feel them out and grab the piece that is softest against the skin, the one you feel happiest wearing. With this blouse, it is all about the comfort, so if you feel it stiff in any way, we suggest returning immediately. Grab one that has a billowing fit to it, loose against the body, and one, which has an ample amount of needlework because that is what will distinguish you from all the rest. You can wear it with suede skirts or flared denim jeans, with cut-offs or flowing fluid skirts.

6. Pretty in Printed, Flowing Maxi Dresses: Since it is the 1970s we are talking about, the bohemian trend is very much in, which means that fluid, flowing skirts and long dresses with different prints that billow in the wind are all the rage at the moment. It is absolutely ultra-luxurious to see these looks in the latest runway shows, though we have seen the printed flowing maxi dresses appear time and again over the past few years. It is a romantic bohemian trend that offers a silhouette that is considered utterly irresistible in general, what with its retro floral designs and artistic plays with colors to the richness of it all. The material is lightweight, the sleeves spaghetti thin, the chest plunging often enough and the whole of the look bold and beautiful. Styling it with golden accessories and gladiator heels is best, particularly if you are tall by nature.

7. Go for the Retro Printed Button Down Pieces: Shirts are timeless no matter what, but it is the crisp white that will never fade from the fashion scene. It is chic and professional, but nothing compared to the retro prints on a button down blouse or shirt, bringing the impeccably polished portion of the 1970s to the modern day runway, as well as the streets. It is a hot item to be added to the shelves all over the place, which means that you should be getting your hands on it as well. If you plan to wear this style out, then it may be best to go for the boldest of motifs apparent on the pieces found on the racks, and certainly do not be afraid to mix the prints like an expert would. Pair it with a patterned billowing skirt at mini or midi level, though you may be able to pull off a maxi as well, or stick to shorter shorts. You may also go for the wide legged silhouettes, such as the culottes that are so perfectly ’70s chic, mixing comfort in with functionality. Here, you can go for a single color block and throw in another trending bit, this time in the realm of footwear. Adding leather platform clogs to any print on print combination will ground it perfectly, epitomizing the ’70s glamour while really pulling the retro into every aspect of one’s wardrobe. Since this year is all about comfort, we’ll say this fits the bill rather nicely.