Is Blue Sandstone the Same as Blue Goldstone?


Despite its name, the Blue Goldstone doesn’t actually contain any gold, but it does have sand quartz for creating glass. The Blue Sandstone can be traced back to a Venetian family in the 17th century. It is a gem that resembles the night sky and is known to have emotional and spiritual healing powers.

Referred to as the Wishing Stone in some cultures, this special blue-gold crystal is believed by many to be mystical. Learn more about the Blue Goldstone, including how it’s related to the Blue Sandstone and its incorporation in soul charms.

What Does the Blue Goldstone Represent?

In essence, the Blue Goldstone is all about ambition. It’s a stone that can grant your heart’s desires. Also called the Blue Sandstone, it’s believed to be the perfect crystal for empaths.

This little blue bead holds enough power to enlighten your mind and spirit. It grants you new beginnings and helps you achieve success in all aspects. As a blue-gold stone type, this precious piece of glass can help you become more accepting of the cards life deals you.

How Is the Blue Goldstone Related to the Blue Sandstone?

Well, they are actually one and the same stone. The Blue Goldstone resulted from sand being formed into glass, then glass being made into Goldstone. The “Goldstone” name came from the sparkles the stone gave off, while the “Sandstone” moniker is a more accurate representation of its value.

Is the Blue Goldstone Naturally Occurring?

No, Goldstone is man-made. Although, it does involve combining naturally-occurring components and infusing them with other materials to form a precious piece of artificial glass.

How Is Blue Sandstone Created?

Blue Sandstone is a man-made gemstone that was created from quartz sand. The sand is either infused with chromium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, or copper particles to form a blue sand stone type.

Blue Sandstone and Chakras

The first chakra the Blue Sandstone opens is the throat chakra. It’s where you draw the power to speak your truth without fear. The stone bestows you with courage and confidence while also allowing you to see through lies. Many call it a destiny stone that should be worn close to the heart as a necklace.

The second chakra associated with this blue gem is the heart chakra. Charging the heart chakra, the stone improves blood circulation and strength. It also grants you the stamina to become fitter and healthier. When a blue goldstone type is partnered with the second chakra, it helps you attract both romantic and platonic love from others.

The third chakra enhanced by the Blue Sandstone is the crown chakra. When linked with the chakra right above the head, the stone helps you connect with the spiritual realm. Here, you can seek a deeper level of guidance for moving past life’s challenges.

Blue Sandstone Zodiac

Which zodiac benefits the most from the Blue Sandstone? Sagittarius-born individuals receive the richest energies from this precious healing crystal.

When wearing blue gold type jewelry, they receive a sense of peace and calmness more profound than non-Sagittarius-born users. They will also feel their willpower and self-esteem improve to greater lengths.

The Many Uses of Blue Sandstone

Goldstone of the blue variety impacts one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being positively. In this section, we’ll learn about how to use the powers of the Blue Goldstone to the fullest.

1. Empathy and Emotion

This stone brings out the empath in you, even more so than usual. You feel like you want to listen and try to understand people more. Of course, it’s not just humans you’ll feel empathy towards but also animals and other creatures of nature.

If you’re overcome by grief, the Blue Goldstone can transform these negative feelings into purposeful actions.

2. Self-Acceptance

The Blue Sandstone has incredibly enthusiastic energy. This is what gives you the power to accept yourself fully. The self-pity, anxiety, and stress brought about by your personal life will become a thing of the past when you carry this stone with you. With it, you’re able to accept both the good and bad life brings and trust that you have so much to live for.

So, people feeling low can rely on this man-made gem to keep them occupied. You won’t ever feel like you have to conceal the truth from anyone. Instead, your inner voice will tell you to shout your truth from the mountaintops.

3. Soothing Stress and Tension

The Blue Goldstone is an outstanding tool for getting rid of stress. Any grief and heartbreak you experience slowly dwindles away with the help of this little blue gem. When anxiety from work strikes, grab your Sandstone to keep it at bay. That way, when the day winds up, you won’t feel any mental or emotional burdens weighing you down.

4. Connecting With the Spiritual Realm

How do you feel about traveling the universe? You can do this every day through lucid dreaming. With the aid of a Blue Sandstone, detaching from your physical being becomes easier. At the same time, your spirit will be tethered strongly to your body so that you can explore other worlds safely.

5. Substituting the Green Aventurine

We don’t doubt how effective the Green Aventurine is at charging the heart chakra. However, in place of this magnificent stone, you can also use the blue type of Goldstone, which brings equal warmth and happiness to your heart. When kept in the southeastern portion of your home, this tiny gem can deliver joy and prosperity after intentions have been set.

Taking Care of Your Blue Goldstone

The first step to taking care of the Blue Goldstone is to cleanse it. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Hold the stone in your left hand.
  • Hold a clear quartz wand in your right hand.
  • Circle the wand over your left hand three times.
  • Make sure this is done before and after you use the gem.

Get Your Hands on a Blue Goldstone Today

After learning all about the Blue Goldstone, are you still doubting its mystical powers? When it comes to this night-sky-resembling gem, very few are as potent or as powerful at opening up the crown, heart, and throat chakras.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.