The Best Sleeping Tips During Pregnancy


Sleep is an incredibly important part of your well-being and this is especially true if you’re pregnant. If you’ve ever been pregnant or are expecting right now, you’ve probably been given sleeping tips from a member of your family or friend who knows this.

Some of the natural discomforts that come with pregnancy can also make it harder to get a good night’s sleep in general, and many women have a hard time adjusting to their changing bodies during this time. 

From finding the best mattress for back pain to you can to getting sleep accessories you know will help you with your rest, here’s everything you need to know about sleeping while pregnant:

The Importance Of Sleep When You’re Pregnant

A good night’s sleep is crucial to a more balanced, more energized life. The time your body spends asleep is when it gets to work on memory consolidation, as well as recovering from the day’s activities. These are doubly important when you’re pregnant, and your body is going through additional amounts of strain.

Sleep is also responsible for balancing and maintaining a healthy immune system, which is going to protect both you and your baby from any harmful infections or illnesses. A valuable sleeping tip is to keep a fixed sleep cycle throughout the week. This will ensure you’ve invested in the best mattress and sleep tools for better rest, will allow you to reap the benefits of a regimented sleep cycle.

Finding Comfortable Sleep Positions

Finding the best sleep position for a comfortable night forest when you’re pregnant might seem impossible, but this is far from the case. Laying on your left side while you’re pregnant is the most commonly given sleeping tip by experts.

This is because this sleeping position is the best for your circulation, and ensures that the optimal amount of oxygen and nutrients are reaching your baby even while you sleep. One sleep position to avoid when you’re pregnant is sleeping straight on your back. The weight of our uterus can actually press down on blood vessels, causing a disturbance of circulation and potential dizziness.

Sleeping on your back while pregnant, especially later on in your pregnancy, might also cause your womb to weigh down on your intestines and back, which you can expect to cause an increase in backaches and hemorrhoids. The best mattress for your sleep should be able to support your sleep well enough to remain comfortable.

A sleeping tip for better rest is switching out your bed for a foam mattress, which tends to be the best mattress for pregnant women looking for an equal amount of comfort and support in their sleep.

The molding capabilities of memory foam mattresses make them the best mattresses to relieve pressure and ensure circulation through the body. When you’re pregnant, every little bit helps – and finding the best mattress to support you through your sleep counts in this.

Common Questions ( & Answers! ) With Sleeping While Pregnant

It’s totally normal to worry about your comfort during pregnancy. Here are common worries most women have when thinking about sleep during pregnancy, and exactly how you can use some sleeping tips to help:

  • What if I don’t like sleeping on my side?

Try using pillows between your legs and back to try and make your sleep experience slightly more comfortable. Make sure you have the best mattress you can find for pressure relief- this will make your new sleep position slightly more comfortable.

  • How do I sleep through my pee breaks?

If you’re nervous about bladder control through the night, and are especially concerned it might be disruptive to your sleep, cut down on fluids after six in the evening. This will cause naturally fewer interruptions through your sleep.

  • What do I do about heartburn before going to bed?

Try adding an extra pillow or two under your head so you’re naturally lengthening your body and minimizing heartburn. Make sure that you adjust dinner time so you give your body at least two hours to digest anything you’ve eaten, and avoid foods high in oil, spice, or citrus.

How To Get Enough Rest When Pregnant

There’s no magic combination of sleeping tips that can ensure you get eight hours of blissful sleep each night. Finding the most comfortable way to approach your sleep when you’re pregnant and having patience with finding what your new normal is going to be for a while is your best bet at achieving the rest you deserve.

The simplest way you can achieve better sleep through pregnancy is by investing in tools that make the job easy. Finding the best mattress for your sleep is going to make all the difference when it comes to your personal comfort at night.

If you’re convinced you already have the best mattress for pressure relief and comfort, another useful sleeping tip is to consider other sleep accessories that might help. Pregnancy body pillows in particular are great if you’re looking for support with both your back and between your legs. Sleep accessories like body pillows are necessary during your pregnancy when you’re going to need that extra bit of support through your sleep. Other sleep accessories you may want to consider investing in include additional pillows, cool bedding that will ensure you don’t spend the night stuffy, and white noise machines to keep you from getting interrupted through the night.

Experiencing pregnancy can be one of the most emotionally rewarding and tumultuous moments in a woman’s life, so a good night’s sleep is going to be an essential part of maintaining your well being during this time.

From finding the best mattress you can for your sleep, to ensuring you’re staying disciplined about your sleep schedule, with the help of these sleeping tips, you’ll be able to stay on top of your rest. You’ll be worrying about how to accommodate your baby’s schedule with yours before you know it!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.