See the World in Style: Unveiling the Alluring Collection of Scott Harris Glasses


What better way to update your fashion style than acquiring new, trendy frames? Spectacles are indeed a staple in modern fashion and whether it is worn for prescription purposes or otherwise, a pair of trendy glasses can really give you a great look.

There are numerous collections of stylish frames on the market, but finding ones with classic and in-vogue shades makes the difference. Scot Harris collection is home to the best spectacles on the market and rests assured, you’ll definitely find glasses that suit your fashion needs.

One thing that stands this collection out from the rest is its versatility which helps in appealing to the fashion sense of a wide range of wearers. Its frames are quite fitting for numerous looks and appearances. Plus, they come in many preferable colors and are finely crafted.  

Most Popular Styles Of Scott Harris Collection

Check out the trendy frames from Scott Harris collection below. And if you wear spectacles for prescription reasons, you don’t have to click away. There are lots of alternatives for you as well.  

The SH-VIN 43  

The Scott Harris Vintage 43 is one of the most sought-after pair of glasses in the collection. Why? It’s quite modern in fashion style. Given its good round shape, classic metal colorways and longer endpieces, many men, women, and teens prefer the vintage 43.

 And it is available in colors: silver, matte gold, and matte gunmetal. 

The SH-542

This pair of eyeglasses is even more fitting for women given its acetate style and its stripe colors. Its horizontal stripe colors draw more attention to your eyes and isn’t that what most women want? Attention?

It’s also fitting for visually impaired folks as it comes with prescription lenses.

Nothing beats buying trendy pairs of glasses from a well-known collection and you could get your Scott Harris Frames from CoolFrames.  The SH-542 is available in colors: amber multi, blue multi and khaki multi.

The UTX SHX-010

This specific pair of glasses is specially designed for men and it sits properly on people with a shallow bridge on their noses. It features an ultra-thin acetate and it is square in shape. The UTX SHX-010  perfectly wraps over your ears as the temples are 140mm in length.

It’s available in colors: crystal, tortoise and tortoise/crystal.

The SH-VIN-17

The Scott Harris VIN-17 is a pair of unisex glasses and it features prescription lenses. Thus, it is designed for visually impaired folks. It features a wide saddle bridge. This ensures it can sit properly on different shapes and sizes of faces.

It also features a round eye shape.  

The SH-VIN-17 is available in colors: gold, black, and silver.

The SH-804

This is an acetate pair of glasses and it is mainly designed for men. It is square shaped and it sits well on men with shallow bridges on their noses. It easily wraps over your ears as it is 140mm in length. It has quite a simple design but it also makes you look sharp.

The SH-804 is available in colors: midnight/cobalt, black/wine, and smoke/orange.

The SH-828

Given the design of the Scott Harris 828 eyeglasses, it’s obviously for the ladies. However, as stylish as it appears, it is also fitting for visually impaired folks in that it comes with prescription lenses. It conveniently wraps over your ears given its 140mm length.

Plus, it features square glasses.

The SH-828 is available in colors: shadow/mauve demi, ocean/blue flax demi, and violet/purple demi.

The SH-726

The Scott Harris 726 features acetate colors and it’s designed for men. It features a simple construction with a 140mm in length, making it sit properly on your face. It’s also fitting for the visually impaired gas it comes with prescription lenses.

The SH-726 is available in colors: smoke/graphite, dark tortoise/black and black/graphite.  

The SH-706

The design of this pair of acetate eyeglasses is inspired by pop art given how brightly colored it looks. It’s also designed for women and it’s 140mm in length, making it easy for it to sit on your face. Given its coloring, it gives your face a unique look.

It features a modified oval shape and it is quite fitting for shindigs like parties.

The SH-706 is available in colors: blue, café, and kiwi.

Final Thoughts

Scott Harris collection of glasses is the best place to find quality and in-vogue eyeglasses. With the stylish frames in the collection, it doesn’t matter if you are visually impaired. There are many stylish glasses with prescription lenses that can help you.

Your wardrobe could use some pairs of cool frames fitting for different occasions you’ll need to attend sometime in the future.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.