Women’s Boots: How to Choose the Right Ones


A woman’s attire is based on just a few certainties. Until a short time ago, one of them was represented by the shoes: a pair of heels were almost mandatory for all those women who wanted to enhance their natural appeal. But like many other things in human history, even the high-heeled shoes’ dictatorship seems to have come to an end.

Today, a woman is able to preserve her charming side even when she wears different types of shoes. This is due mainly to the ability of the latest shoe designers, able to redefine the concept of beauty and adapt it to several kinds of footwear.

In the last decades, we had the chance to witness the abrupt and unexpected rise of sneakers and gym shoes to the role of indispensable elements of a way of dressing. Today, the same destiny seems to concern especially the boots: a type of shoe that, though it was generally considered quite elegant, has always been relegated on the background. In other words, faced with a choice between heels and boots, women have always preferred the first ones. Until they discovered that even a pair of boots could be an excellent choice for a night out or even a gala evening.

The only problem is: how to choose the right model? The number of specimens available on the market is rapidly multiplying, so it’s getting harder and harder to pick the right one. That’s the reason why we have prepared a short guide to wear the most suited pair of women’s boots for every occasion.

  1. Black/Other colors. In this case, the dichotomy is clearly unbalanced, since the most recurrent pair of boots is a total black one. This means that they have to go with an evening dress of the same color. You can risk to match them with other colors, at your own risk. The common sense will suggest to wear women’s boots that always match with the dresses’ colors.
  2. Heels/No heels. It’s not just a matter of style. There are at least two other parameters to consider. The first one is the height of the person who wears those shoes: if a woman is particularly tall, she can easily give up the heels (unless they’re specifically requested from an event’s dress code). The second one regards the level of comfort: if you are planning to walk for a long time, you might want to avoid wearing heeled shoes.
  3. Knee-high/Ankle-high. Short or long boots? This is probably the most “ideological” dilemma. By this choice, you will project a totally different – maybe even opposite – image of you. The short models are more suited for young adults or teenagers who want to preserve an informal look. While the long ones are a more than decent replacement of the “traditional” high-heeled shoes.
  4. Leather/Other materials. Preliminary caution: when we talk about leather, we include the eco-leather products as well, since the difference between these latter and the actual leather products is now imperceptible. Therefore, it’s just a matter of taste and ethic. That said, leather or eco-leather are the most common and appreciated materials for women’s boots. The most convincing alternatives are suede (also available in its eco-friendly version) and patent calfskin.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.