A Fashioniser’s Guide to Styling a Tote Bag


A tote bag is a must-have staple of any bag collection, given its low-maintenance flair and practicality. Tote bags come in different designs, materials, and textures, satisfying the needs of any fashionista in-the-making who’s hoping to keep up with the latest trends.

Whether you’re jetting off to a spontaneous adventure, traveling for a planned day-trip, or merely running errands, a standard tote bag will do the trick. With reusable bags on the rise, every eco-conscious fashionista needs to learn how to rock a tote bag while out on-the-go. Remember, a tote bag is a multi-faceted accessory that you can use as a daytime purse, beach bag, picnic bag, makeshift suitcase, laundry bag, backpack, or gym bag.

Are you hoping to restock your supply of reusable tote bags? Check out Port Authority apparel at Shirtspace for a wide variety of bags in statement-making colors. Once your wardrobe is chalked full of tote bags, you’ll need to brush-up on ways you can style the space-efficient alternatives to the run-of-the-mill handbag.

Bohemian style

Boho fashion is a classic and timeless style categorized by its retro patterns, natural fabrics, statement accessories, and 70s-inspired warm and neutral shades. Although it can be challenging to achieve a bohemian look, you can pull it off with a bit of inspiration and creativity at your aid.

Some of the bohemian-style essentials you’ll need in your close include a maxi skirt, a maxi dress, neutral-colored ankle boots, chic headbands and headwraps, leather sandals, slouchy sweaters, knit cardigans, and effortless-looking tote bags.

You can rock your bohemian-inspired outfit when taking a trip to the beach, going on a walk with friends, embarking on a countryside trip, or attending a good old-fashioned picnic. A simple and stylish look can feature a simple maxi dress, spring-friendly sandals, and a denim tote bag.

Classy in black

Black is a versatile color that can be paired with arguably any outfit rendering a black tote bag a necessity in your closet. With a black tote bag on-hand, you can play around with various outfit combinations until you achieve your desired look. Once the look is complete, you’ll be ready for your Monday meeting or even a casual event.

For a day at the office, you can pair a structured black leather with a pair of black trousers, a white shirt, and a long white structured coat. When attending a more elegant, high-scale event, opt for a black leather tote bag and a black trench coat paired with black leather heels.

If you prefer a jeans and t-shirt combo for an everyday outfit, consider sporting a black tote bag, a pair of rain boots, and a long cardigan. The white t-shirt, black trousers, and a black tote bag combo can be a lifesaver if you’re in a rush.

Summer tote bag outfits

Being the hottest season, people typically wear light-colored dresses, shorts, shirts, and tank tops. Whether dressing for a shopping spree, staycation, outdoor concert, beach, or outing with friends, pair your outfit with a tote bag that can hold everything you need. You can combine a floral dress with a jute tote bag for a garden party, chic date, or a stylish outing.

A briefcase tote bag goes well with a navy blue outfit, allowing you to rock a sexy and chic first-date look. This combo also works well for semi-formal meetings or outings.

Summer and early fall present a perfect opportunity to slip on your favorite orange accessories and clothes for a casual date or garden party. You can combine a pair of skinny black jeans, a white t-shirt, an orange knitted cardigan, an oversized black tote bag, and orange footwear.

Adventure in Style

No one says you can’t ride in style while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. While it’s important to remain practical, you can still look cute when going for a hike, bike ride, camping trip, rafting excursion, or any other outdoor adventure you crave.

A tote bag is excellent for your adventure because they’re sturdy, comfortable, and compact, giving you extra storage space wherever Mother Nature takes you. You can pair your tote bag with a pair of bike shorts, sunglasses, sneakers, and an oversized rolled-up shirt to achieve a sporty yet feminine look for a road trip with your friends or a walk downtown.

Final thoughts

Tote bags are durable and versatile accessories compatible with various fashion styles, from street-smart to bohemian to sporty. They’re not only useful and fashionable, but canvas tote bags are also eco-friendly.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.