How to Add a Touch of Halloween to Your Daily Wardrobe


Halloween is here! This year, it’s safe to say that Halloween celebrations will be pretty subtle. And that’s okay! We can still get in the Halloween spirit by snazzing up our regular outfits with Halloween- specific accents. Here are a few ways you can get creative with your Halloween looks today!

Silky Sleek Halloween

If you’re looking for a super chic and subtle Halloween look, try a black silk slip. Believe it or not, these make a great base for an outfit. Add a subtle Halloween-patterned skirt over your silk slip, and you’ve got a chic and sleek Halloween look. Add a black blazer over this for a touch of class, and you’re ready for a chic Halloween.

Halloween Jewelry

Maybe a Halloween-themed clothing item is too much Halloween for your look? Instead, think about wearing a chic black outfit and adding a touch of Halloween by utilizing Halloween-themed jewelry. Perhaps a skull necklace or a batty collar will make your whole outfit? Halloween accessories could be a fun way to complete your Halloween look in a subtle yet still festive way.

The Halloween Cardigan

For this look, try wearing a simpler, one-colored (black is always good) pair of pants and/or a skirt. And a black tank. From here, find a fun, colorful Halloween cardigan to complete your look.

Super Subtle Halloween Socks!

If you’re looking for a super subtle and unbelievably cute way to celebrate Halloween, try Halloween socks! You can wear a seemingly normal outfit and then spice it up with the cutest spooky socks. You’ll feel silly and in Halloween spirit knowing they’re there without having the world easily see your Halloween spirit.

As you can see from the trend above, when picking the right Halloween-themed everyday look, picking the right accent piece is key. You really want to have a simple, plain outfit with one stand-out Halloween piece that will steal the show. Having two competing pieces will make your look “too much”. So, instead, pick one statement piece, whether that be a Halloween cardigan, skirt, necklace, or pair of socks and go with it. Keep the rest of your look subdued. And you’ll feel festive and stylish this Halloween!


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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