How to Wear a Slip as Clothing

One Slip Dress, Three Different Ways

Wearing a slip as a dress or a piece of exterior clothing rather than a piece of lingerie can be tricky, but it is absolutely possible. For years, I always loved collecting slips but only wore them under dresses. I didn’t see that they had more possibilities until a friend styled one as a shirt one day, and it opened up my mind to the diverse fashion options available for slips. So, read on to get inspired by all the ways you can wear a slip as clothing rather than just underwear.

Wear a Slip as a Tank/Shirt Under a Jacket and Pants

Wearing a slip as a shirt is an extremely trendy fashion statement. First, if it’s a short slip, you can put it on first and then put on a nice pair of loose, dressy pants over the slip’s bottom. Then, add a matching jacket for a perfect look. Style this with a necklace and you are winning. Or, if it’s a longer slip, wear a dress skirt over it and finish the look with a nice jacket. In the summer time, you can even make bolder moves and wear a denim jacket and denim skirt over the slip to really show your edgy fashionable side.

Wear a Slip as a Dress with a Nice Jacket and Accessories

A longer slip dress can serve as a dress on its own with the appropriate styling- a nice necklace, earrings, and a hair clip. I would recommend wearing pearls with a silk slip. Pair this with a black blazer, a leopard coat, or a nice double-breasted jacket, and you’re good to go. Be sure to wear the right shoes with this look, as the right shoes will piece it all together nicely. Dressy flats would be ideal, as you don’t want to “sexy” up a slip, as that will give the wrong image. So, high heels may be the wrong choice for this option.

Wear a Slip as a Cami Under a See-Through Sweater

This is more of a subtle option, which makes it one of my favorites, personally; wearing a see-through sweater or shirt (or one that has those little holes in its design whether it’s a classic sweater or eyelet top) is another great way to wear a slip as clothing. You are effectively wearing the slip for its purpose here, as a cami under your clothing. This way, you showcase that you are stylishly wearing a slip while keeping the look as conservative as possible.

Other Things to Think About

To wear a slip as clothing, be sure to wear a neutral or black-colored garment. Some lighter earthy tones are also okay. Avoid bright colors, as this will draw too much attention to the look. Black is really the best option for this, as it is always in style and give the illusion of the LBD. So, be sure to pick a black or neutral slip for this and be sure to style the look well. The wrong styling can make it look like you came out of the bedroom. You definitely don’t want that when wearing a slip as regular clothing, so be sure to heavily edit as you style. But wearing a slip as a dress is absolutely a fashion-forward and cool way to express yourself this summer.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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