50 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try

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Halloween makeup looks are redone constantly, updated across social media by some of our favorite MUAs and inspired by anything and everything imaginable. For those with the skills and the means movie-worthy effects can be created, but we all know makeup is transformative. The makeup process should never be underestimated and the results can be very unexpected, as we have known for a very long time that nearly anything can be done with makeup. Here are 50 creative Halloween makeup ideas that are to die for and that you can use for inspiration as well.

Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

1. Melting Barbie Halloween Makeup

This is a pretty original Halloween makeup idea that will allow you to dress as anything you want ” after all Barbie has been everything from an Astronaut to a chef. The melting plastic is detailed with the same colors of her lipstick and mascara for a touch of realness.

2. Light Skeleton Makeup

Unlike most skeleton looks, this one is done with heavy contouring in (super)natural shades for a softer look. This one is a great option that can be very forgiving of mistakes rather than a black and white skeletal face option.

3. The Big Reveal: Melted-Face Halloween Makeup

This is such a creative Halloween makeup idea that requires a dedication to detail. The flawless eyeliner is the best part paired with that brow, but the facade has melted off the majority of her face, revealing an immaculately painted skull with stunning shading for depth and dimension.

4. Inner Darkness

This is a multifunctional appearance that can pass for several different fantastic Halloween creature ideas, giving your costume the boost into ethereal. The dark eyes are beautifully framed by long, curly lashes and perfect eyeliner and inner corner highlight. The glitter accents above and below are a great addition.

5. Dedicated Lion Tamer

This is a super creative Halloween makeup look that can be interpreted a number of ways, but the use of the gouges from her feline show buddies are definitive and impressive, accented by the red center of her lips.

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Written by Camielle Lawson-Livingstone
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