Subtle Ways to Celebrate Halloween From Home with Beauty Products


Unfortunately, Halloween has to be different this year. Thanks to COVID-19, Trick or Treating has been cancelled in many states and countries. Events have been put on hold with “safer at home” orders keeping gatherings very small. And all of our favorite Halloween mazes and events have been…. cancelled. What’s a Halloween lover to do? If you’re feeling stuck and home and just can’t find a reason to get yourself dressed up for Halloween, there are subtle ways you can still celebrate Halloween from home.

Give Yourself Dark Nails

If you’re not feeling a full ensemble, just painting your nails rich Halloween colors could be enough to celebrate Halloween in your own way. I used to paint my nails black for Halloween all the time. A nice black, burgundy, dark green, or orange shade would work perfectly this time of year. It’s enough so you still look normal if you go out and about, but it will give you smiles when you look down at your hands on Halloween.

Add a Touch of Dark Lipstick to Your Look

Halloween is the perfect time for moody, dark lipstick. Play around with darker colors or more extreme lip shades than you are used to- why not, right? I never wear lipstick, but whenever I feel like celebrating Halloween, I pull out a burgundy lip, a bright red lip, a slightly purplish tone, or even a very muted purple or blue. Unique lip colors are the ultimate way to celebrate Halloween in a subtle way- but maybe not completely subtle depending on the color.

Go for a Dark Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes are always in- whether or not you are doing a specialty smokey eye for any specific event. For Halloween, why not try out a smokey eye while you’re at home watching scary movies Halloween night? A traditional black smokey eye with red accents is perfect for the Halloween season! Or try a black smokey eye with dark green or blue accents? Play around with your makeup on Halloween and have fun with it! You can create a gorgeous glam look that makes you feel different without having to put on a full costume.

Play with Contacts

Maybe you want to feel like a different person entirely? Try different colored contacts. Maybe you can add light blue contacts to your brown eyes or green contacts to your blue eyes? Or maybe you want to be a subtle Targaryen and have purple eyes? Playing around with colored contacts is a great and subtle way to change up your look this Halloween.

Add Some Fake Blood to Your Seemingly Normal Look

Lastly, this may be a surprise to you, but there are some pretty glam fake blood products out there. BH Cosmetics makes glitter blood makeup, and it’s pretty spectacular. If you’re looking to have a true Halloween makeup look that is still pretty subtle, add a drop or two of this to the corner of your lips or eyes. It will scream Halloween without having to painting your face up like you did when you were a kid.

All in all, who doesn’t want to have fun on Halloween? This year, since most places are closed, experiment with some subtle beauty techniques so you can feel like a new person this Halloween.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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