How to Choose the Perfect Sweater Based on Your Body Shape


As we have entered into the full sweater mode of the year, we wish for some cozy, warm clothes which are comfortable in wearing and look good on us. But with this, people who are fat and have indefinite body shapes would not like wearing such clothes that make their body shapes more visible to others.

Do you feel more body shaming in winter?

It’s a normal awkwardness that most of us have to go through when we sense others making fun of us and shaming us for our body shapes which is although pathetic.

In order to resolve this major issue that is almost faced by many people around the world, we are going to make this easier and super cool for you to decide what to wear in this cold, cloudy and foggy weather.

Many of the designers trying out to work with fabrics and create super trendy sweaters, jackets, and zippers for all different types of body shapes. All you need to do is to find the right style for you.

Let’s dig out some of them!

Pear shape

If you own a pear shape body, you want to run far away from long clumsy sweaters that exactly hit your hips. For this, go for shorter sweaters, which don’t give your hips a boxy look. Also, you can list up some loose sweaters as well as the long-loose cardigans which give a hazy look to your hips. Moreover, you can also go for some horizontal patterns.


Its all about the waist. If you already have a curvy, proportional body, you need to go for the sweaters or a style that highlights your curves and gives your body a smarter look. Options like peplums, lightweight sweaters are there if you want to play with your curves. But if you want your curves or shape to be covered, you should go for slouchy sweaters.


Go with bold, striped fabric, if you’re of this shape. Choose longer, bulkier sweaters as they are the comfiest sweaters EVER!

Just like poncho sweaters, that are the most easy-to-go winter wearables. People like wearing them on tops with jeans only to wrap themselves up as these sweaters look good with every shape as well.


For this body shape, you might want to make your legs and bust prominent by showing a narrow appearance of your shoulders and waist. Opt-out tunic-length cardigans as they follow the vertical lines of your physique. Look for small patterns and do not add chunky knits in your wardrobe.


As you are already small, you need to avoid loose sweaters with big fat prints on them. Try instead, shorter cropped, small prints and lightweight fabrics. Crew neck suits you better and makes a perfect go-to look for you.

Inverted Triangle

Usually, the complaints about the sweaters whose stuff is thick or fluffy come out from women of this shape. For this, you need to go for thinner sweaters which doesn’t carry much bulk or weight. Go for cotton or cashmere stuff. Also, opt for vertical lines in prints.


We hope we have helped you to tackle your problem related to what to wear according to your body shape in winters. Choosing the right sweater to wear as per your body shape helps you look stylish. So, with a trendy winter look, enjoy the cool breeze and walk with confidence.


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