5 Practical Tips On Selling A Preowned Luxury Watch


A watch could be one of the most expensive purchases you can ever have, especially if you are a watch enthusiast. Luxury items and brands offer the best quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness that justifies their high price tag. However, as much as buying a luxury watch can feel daunting and tough, selling it also requires proper techniques and strategies to ensure a great deal.

Whether you’re a watch collector or trader, there might be items that you want to dispose of after some time by selling them. Fortunately, there are diverse ways for you to come up with a successful transaction with a legit buyer. It ensures that both parties are satisfied with the deal, and you get the maximum return on your old watch

If you need some guidance on how to sell your preloved luxury watch, read down below. 

Select The Best Platform  

With many people shifting to online shopping today, numerous virtual platforms allow people to sell their preloved stuff. With your luxury watch, you can find and join reputable platforms to sell it. Other alternative avenues include consigning to watch dealers or selling to auctions or physical stores. There’s also the option to advertise online and directly sell to buyers on social media. The key is to know who your target market is and expose your product’s availability to them. Let them know about it so you can earn prospective buyers right away.

People can always complete their look with a stylish watch, and they can increase their elegance by wearing a branded and luxurious watch. But high-end watches usually come with high prices. Chances are the transaction requires a long process as you need to make sure that the buyer is legit, and you also need to prove your watch’s authenticity. Hence, when selling on any platform, you must be careful and transact with trustworthy customers. In the same manner, you must earn their trust as well. 

Prepare Its Original Package, Accessories, And Inclusions  

Upon buying a luxury item, it’s common to keep all the inclusions that come with it, just in case you want to resell it later on. When the time has come that you want to let go of your timepiece, you need to prepare its box, original receipt, warranty card, and any accessories.

In addition to making the sale process easier, selling the watch with a complete set can also result in a better price. Original documentation assures the buyer that your timepiece is 100% authentic, which means you’ll make more money when you sell it. Although it’s still possible to resell your luxury watch without these additional inclusions, the price would usually differ. After all, when you have kept all the necessary documents, the buyer would feel safer to transact with you. It also gives them the perception that the watch is almost brand new. 

Know The Market Value Of Your Luxury Watch  

This tip is a no-brainer as it could be the first thing a seller would want to do when they decide to let go of their luxury watch. An internet search will allow you to learn the current market value of your luxury timepiece. Take time to check out some reputable platforms to check the market value and prices of high-end brands.  

But it’s worth noting that preloved watches’ prices are impacted by other factors like age, usage, and condition. When deciding the final sale price, consider these factors. Depending on how you sell the watch, you’ll need to account for shipping fees, handling, marketing fees, and other related expenses.  

Ensure To Take Professional-Looking Photos  

In a world where digital marketing is pretty common, this tip should be taken seriously. When selling a watch online, taking high-quality pictures is essential. Human beings are naturally visual people, so they would be attracted to what they see first on their screens. Photograph your watch from different angles.  

Apply tips for taking product photos that sell online. Consider using the proper lighting, background, or any prop decorations. If the budget permits, you can pay a professional photographer to do this task. Also, be honest about the condition of the watch, so include all the imperfect details about it. By doing so, they will be less likely to attempt to return your timepiece as it was not in as good a condition as depicted in the pictures.  

Include Details And Descriptions Of The Watch  

Whenever you post to a listing or platform, be sure the information you provide is accurate and concise. Ensure that the information is readable by using bullet point format instead. It is an effective way for people to read and understand the product descriptions and details. Other details worth mentioning are the purchase dates, how many times you’ve worn it, the year of the model, and how many times it was serviced. Try to be transparent as much as possible. 


Selling a preloved luxury watch doesn’t have to be a stressful process. With the practical tips discussed in this article, you can implement them and have a successful and smooth transaction with your watch buyer.  

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.