A Quick Look at the Latest Trends in Eyewear


If you were forced to wear glasses at a young age, you may have been teased by your classmates. These situations made some of us embarrassed of our glasses and as a result, we would often remove them in order to appear more “normal”. Of course, times have certainly changed. Not only are glasses now considered to represent a stunning fashion statement, but some have adopted their presence even though they may have otherwise perfect eyesight. This is due in large part to the sheer variety of styles and frames currently on the marketplace. Let’s take a quick look at a handful of eyewear trends set to make a splash in the near future.

The Retro Appeal

Anyone who regularly follows the fashion industry is likely aware that it is somewhat cyclical in nature. Trends that were popular decades in the past tend to make resurgences from time to time. The return to bell bottom trousers in the early 2000s and the recent resurgence of so-called “skinny jeans” are two prominent examples. This is why many individuals are now choosing to wear glasses associated with thicker and more noticeable frames (a departure from the thinner designs that were around a few years ago). One of the reasons behind this movement likely arises from the ability to match the colour of the frames to other garments such as shirts, shoes and blouses.

Bold is Beautiful

While some wearers still prefer to wear understated glasses, many are now adopting an oversized look. Geometric frames, bold tortoiseshell rims and square designs have all made a pronounced comeback over the past few years. So, it only stands to reason that designers have begun to offer these options within their selections.

We should also mention that many of these very same models can offer a functional edge. For instance, blue light glasses are often worn within professional settings or by those who remain seated in front of a computer screen for lengthy periods of time. As the lenses of these glasses are able to block out specific frequencies that may cause headaches and eye strains, they are highly valued by those who wish to enjoy superior levels of comfort.

A final (and rather interesting) trend which seems to have taken root in recent times is the presence of neck strings. These accessories are intended to hold the glasses in place when they are around the neck (much like a necklace). Neck strings are able to offer up a decidedly elegant quality and as you may have already suspected, a number of materials (such as silver or even gold) can be used within their design.

Making a pronounced fashion statement while at work or when planning a night out on the town has never been easier if you take into account the observations mentioned above. While there is no doubt that glasses serve a functional purpose, there is no reason why you cannot employ them in order to create a truly memorable ensemble.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.