Fashion Hacks: 3 Tips to Pair Your Socks with Different Outfits


Even serious fashionistas often run into a roadblock when they start trying to figure out how to choose the right socks. There just aren’t many set-in-stone fashion rules out there for how to pair socks with different outfits. That being said, there are good ways and bad ways to choose socks for the day. Read on to find three tips that can help.

1. Exercise Some Moderation

Combining bold patterns and bright colors can make a unique fashion statement or it can be a recipe for disaster. The general rule for busy patterns and loud colors is to exercise moderation. Wearing a crazy pair of socks with a muted outfit can create a touch of excitement, but combining clashing colors isn’t a great idea. Similarly, wearing clashing patterns is usually a fashion faux pas.

It’s equally important to avoid overpowering the rest of an outfit with a bright pair of socks, especially on formal occasions. Men and women alike can find great options at SockWell USA that will add a touch of flair to any outfit without becoming overpowering or creating serious color clashing. Plus, every pair of socks is created with the comfort of its wearer in mind, so no matter how bold or muted the colors and patterns are, fashionistas of all ages will feel good while they’re wearing them.

2. Avoid Exact Color Matches

Wearing socks with a color similar to a favorite pair of pants or shoes is a great way to integrate them into the rest of the outfit, but wearing socks that perfectly match pants or shoes isn’t a smooth move. Socks that are the exact same color as shoes will blend together to create an immensely unfashionable bootie effect. Socks that perfectly match pants won’t draw any attention to themselves, which defeats the purpose of wearing colored or patterned socks, to begin with.

For formal events, it’s fine to wear socks that match accessories like scarves for women or ties and pocket squares for men. It’s equally OK to wear socks with the same hue but a slightly different color. The latter approach looks a little less deliberate, which makes it more versatile. For casual and semi-formal events, perfectly color-coded accessories aren’t a good look.

3. Only Wear Bold Socks with On-Point Outfits

Boldly colored or patterned socks draw a lot of attention. That’s great for fashion enthusiasts who want to make a unique statement without creating an overpowering effect, but the same bold socks that look stunning with a clean, dark pair of jeans or a sharply tailored suit will draw unwanted attention to shabby or poorly put together outfits.

Before grabbing a bright pair of striped socks out of the bureau, make sure the rest of the outfit is on-point. Colors should be sharp and pants or skirts should offer a clean, tailored fit. Otherwise, bright socks are a great way to turn an already less-than-ideal outfit into a clown costume.

The Bottom Line

Anyone serious about fashion has at least a few pairs of colored socks in his or her wardrobe. Finding the perfect pair to match any outfit can be tough, but if they follow the basic guidelines above, it should be easy to avoid making serious fashion faux pas. When in doubt, try on a few different pairs to see which one makes the right impression.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.