Hot Weather Clothing: What to Wear in the Heat


It is crucial to dress appropriately when it is hot or sunny outside. This guide on how weather clothing shows what to wear in the heat.

Have you ever heard the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” before? This is usually mentioned when someone complains about the rain or the cold during the winter. But, it also applies in warm and sunny weather. It’s really important to dress appropriately when it is hot and sunny outside. Making a mistake with your clothes can ruin your day.

Here’s our guide on how to make the most of hot weather clothing. Check out the tips below to say goodbye to unsuitable clothing forever.

1. Choose Cooler Fabrics 

Your wooly sweater needs to stay in your wardrobe. The summer is here and you need to prepare yourself with the best fabrics for warm weather. Wearing clothing made from fabrics that are breathable is crucial to staying cool in warm weather. This includes cotton and linen. You can get a wide variety of clothing made from these fabrics. From shorts to t-shirts, these fabrics empower you to feel cool on a hot day. It’s also essential that you make sure you avoid silk, wool, or nylon, which can lead to you getting too hot.

2. Try Athleisure On

The popularity of athleisure is going away any time soon. Athleisure is the trend of wearing sports clothing for casual wear. People have realized that wearing your workout clothes is comfortable and cool. You don’t need to be doing a sport to put your favorite outfit on. That’s why during hot weather, athleisure is the answer. This allows you to stay comfortable and cool while working in the office or going shopping with your friends. All the celebrities are wearing athleisure, why aren’t you?

3. Lighter Colors Reflect the Heat

What is the worse clothing to wear during a heatwave? The best response is probably a black suit. That’s a sweaty disaster! Light colors are a great way to cool you down on a warm day. That means pastel blue or classic white to show off some great colors for your chic look. Leave dark colors like black and purple for your winter days. They’ll just make you really hot on your summer day in the park.

4. The Looser the Better 

You don’t want to squash your body into your clothes. You may look amazing in tightly fitted clothes, but it doesn’t work for most people in the heat. Looser clothing is much better when you’re sitting around in the heat. This allows you to have some air between the fabric and your skin. That’s why it’s always great to wear dresses or baggy pants when the weather is warm and you want to stay cool.

If you don’t like loose clothing, check out women’s sun protective clothing for a more fitted look in the heat.

5. Shorts and Skirts 

You don’t want to cover up your skin when it’s hot. Get your legs out! Wearing pants on a hot day can cause you to feel really warm. It’s much cooler to wear a pair of thin shorts that give your legs some sunlight. Skirts are also a great way to free your legs from the constraints of your pants during sunny and hot days. 

6. Say No to Sleeves 

Showing off your arms is a great way to stay cool as well. You don’t need to wear long sleeve tops that cover everything up. Try a sleeveless vest or dress, or even just a short-sleeved shirt for a better summer look. You can still look formal without getting too hot. You can always wear a thin scarf over your shoulders and arms to keep yourself safe from the heat of the sun.

7. Protect Your Eyes With Glasses

If the sun is shining brightly, this can damage your eyesight. You should avoid the UV rays with a pair of designer sunglasses. Sunglasses come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. You’ll always be able to find something that suits your appearance. However, remember wearing sunglasses is about more than just looking the part. They are also really for protecting your face in the warm weather.

8. Put on a Summer Hat 

Some people love wearing hats so much that they wear them on Zoom meetings. Yes, really they do! However, even if you’re not normally a hat wearer, in a warmer climate it’s important to keep the sun off your face. That’s why wearing a hat with a brim is the best way to keep your face cool from the heat. Just make sure you add a little style as well!

9. Comfortable Shoes 

Do you find that your feet are uncomfortable and sweaty during the summer? That’s because you’re not wearing the right footwear. Get a pair of shoes that are comfortable in the warm weather. If you’re just sitting around, then sandals or cotton shoes are advised. However, if you’re doing activities, sneakers that are breathable could be the solution to your sweaty toes.

10. Always Wear Sunscreen Protection

While wearing clothes that expose your bare skin is great in the summer. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make sure you protect your skin with sunscreen. The UV rays can be extremely harmful to your skin. If you’re not careful you could become seriously sick as a result of too much exposure to the sun. Just make sure you always carry a bottle of sunscreen with you. If you’re doing activities, such as swimming outdoors, make sure your sunscreen is also waterproof.


When it’s warm outdoors, you need to make sure you dress suitably. You don’t want to find yourself sweaty and uncomfortable all day. That’s why you should follow our tips about how to dress in hot weather clothing. Everything from the fabric to the hat on your head is crucial to staying cool and healthy in the heat.

Written by Katarina Van Derham
Katarina Van Derham has worked in Hollywood for over a decade, gaining experience in every aspect of media and show business. Knowing the science behind beauty has made her one of the most sought after beauty specialists in the entertainment industry. She is often a judge for model searches and beauty pageants around the world. With a philanthropic heart and passion for leading an ethical lifestyle, Katarina is quickly becoming one of the leading influencers in the vegan and cruelty-free community.