Why Choose Moon Boot for Your Winter Holidays?


The answer surely lies with the exciting synchronization of classiness with the latest trends, which are ever so evident in the various collections of Moon Boot.

Winter is finally here. If you have been waiting to get your winter wear on and go out for a winter holiday, the time is now. Whether it’s a high-energy skiing trip or a cozy little cuddle in a lavish chalet, you are definitely going to need a pair of snow boots – a pair of après-ski wears, to be exact.

Talking about après-ski wears, there are quite a few different varieties. Some opt for designer snow boots that focus more on the style, some others prefer boots that are highly practical. But the ones that want the best of both worlds and won’t settle with anything else, an iconic Italian brand called Moon Boot is what they look for.

Can’t decide which side it is that you are going to fall into? You would know for sure once you know the reasons why the perfectionists want a pair of moon landing-inspired boots for their winter holidays.

More Than Just a Pair of Snow Boots.

The story of Moon Boot goes way beyond the usual shoemaker’s stories. It’s a cult, a mode of lifestyle that is unique and inspired. You don’t usually get to wear a pair of boots that look pretty similar to the ones worn by the first men on the moon, do you?

The Italian brand offers the opportunity to do precisely that, as it’s very inception was inspired by the historic moon landing. Seeing the boots worn by the astronauts in Apollo 11, designer Giancarlo Zanatta designed a pair of snow boots that look pretty much the same.

Enjoying an overwhelming number of cult followings in the aftermath of the moon landing, the boots made an emphatic return as a retro-infused trendy design in the early 2000s. Even in the winter of 2020, their story makes them more than just a pair of boots and more of a lifestyle.

Practically Combined with Unbeatable Style

Whether you are a teenager or a grown-up, an urban holidaymaker or a mountaineering one; you are going to find a pair of Moon Boots that’s not only comfortable but also very stylish. They are made using highly practical materials like nylon, rubber, wool, faux leather, and such; and then enveloped into a trendy yet classy style that is striking, unique, and fashionable.

There is a plethora of colors and stylistic distinctions too. You can choose from some understated black, grey, ash, and brown shades to some striking emerald, coral, silver, etc. There are also different options with fur shearling, wool upper, faux leather lining and such in some of their high-cut to low-cut boots. The enhanced grip of their rubber soles, on the other hand, facilitate a comfortable walk – both in slopes and in urban settings.
So, which pair of Moon Boot are you wearing this winter holiday?

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.