Make Clothes Look Good on Your Body- a Fashion Guide


Its often said, wear something cost-friendly and make it look expensive on you! Well, that is possible if you are well aware of what looks good on you! And the most crucial factor to consider while deciding this is to know your body measurements to precision. Once you are well aware of your waist, bust, and hip size, you are going to rock every outfit you were!

 But it is not only the size factor that is important to make clothes look good on your body. There are several other vital points to consider, such as the color toning, the type of fabric, the outfit style, and many more! Have a deep insight into how to make clothes look perfect on you; I have researched and gathered some of them below. Check these out so that the next time when you head for your shopping journey’ you have all the essential checklist made up in your mind for a better, quicker shopping spree! 


Determine your body shape

About half of us are not well aware of our body measurements and usually end up purchasing the most closely matched sizing, assuming it will fit us properly. That is fine if you are buying a ready-made garment, but if you are ordering one for a wedding or a feast’ do not forget to rely upon the commercial sizing ranges.

Taking your body measurements is not difficult at all. You will need a metering tape for it, preferably made of cloth, because steel tape would not be able to roll correctly around your body shape. There are three measurements you need to take, The bust, The Waist, and The hip. PROPERLY EXHALE AFTER WINDING THE TAPE ALL AROUND YOUR BODY. Women usually tend to inhale and hold their breath while taking the measurements in front of the designer so that they appear to be slimmer. Trust me, this does not cast any good impression but instead spoils your clothes and makes them seem gross and unusually tight. 

TIP ALERT: If you are trying hard to attain a slimmer looking figure, but fail every time, get your hands on an artificially or home-made ground turmeric powder. Twice a day, intake turmeric tea, or a sauce of it in yogurt. Doing this for a couple of months will give guaranteed weight loss results! There are also plenty of other turmeric powder uses that can benefit your physical health, and shred off your extra unhealthy fats. *You have to maintain doing a workout, jogging, or any weight loss exercise along with this fitness tip.

Find out the right outfit style.

Not every type of outfit suits everyone! There are some of which you are going to rock, and some of which your friend having a proper height will show off better. Pay explicit attention to your body parts. If you have thicker thighs, wearing jeans would not add up to your look much compared to loose floral skirts with a tight top. Also, if you have a slightly big tummy’ peplum frock along with capris or tight jeans, it will appear no less than a celebrity!

To make the right selection of the outfit type while out for shopping, DO utilize the shopping try room. Most of the buyers purchase an outfit by imagining how they would look in it. Or sometimes, by holding the costume just in front of themselves in the mirror. This technique will make a HUGE difference upon your outfit selection category, and you are going to thank me later for it!

Mix and Match color tones

According to your skin complexion, you can better decide if the warm-toned outfits will suit you or those with a cold deep color. You can try it by holding a white piece of plane paper next to your bare face. If the paper appears green or silver, this will depict you have a cold tone. If it goes yellow or appears duller, this shows crisp tones will suit you better. However, there is no particular way to determine if the bright colored dresses will suit you or the nude colored ones. I will suggest you go for bright ones, for night events and choose to go with pastels for the day events. This way, you will rock both the looks and also will get a chance to try out both the color ranges upon your body. Try wearing some neon shades too, and they are so in nowadays!

TIP ALERT: White and black are significant colors that almost suit everybody! The tip of making such colored clothes suitable for you is to pair them up with another color in combination. Plain white and blacks look good on very few people and not everyone. However, when worn in pair with some other hue, you can definitely nail every of your look! My personal favorite to go with black and white is the color, Maroon. Try it out, and you are going to adore it as well!  

Try maintaining a good figure.

I know, not every one of us has a charming, sleek, and attractive body due to which we can not think about wearing outfits that rather suit the slim figures. But who said attaining a slender figure is impossible? If you are determined and consistent and have a strong will to lose weight, you can figure out to achieve your goal one way or the other. You can try power yoga poses which are a great and natural way to lose weight and stay fit. Check out some other weight loss techniques and meal plans that can help you with this task. Remember that weight loss is a tough journey,’ but the outcomes are beautiful! So, do not give up and stay motivated!


The next time you plan to go for a shopping spree, mark all these significant outfits selecting critical factors in your notebook, and purchase the right one accordingly. Do not overthink, and it does not help at all. There is literally no cloth in the world that can be called seemingly perfect, but you can definitely create one that will look perfect on your body figure. Good luck with that!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.