Online Casino Blacklist & Rogue Casinos You Might Want to Avoid This Summer


Online casinos should be fun and exhilarating. But, not everyone out there thinks about you before their own profit. The same is the case with online casinos. Just like land-based casinos, online casino owners are also trying to make more and more profit.

Although owners should make money in a fair, transparent, and entertaining way, many casinos don’t go by this policy. They have adopted unfair means to rip you off your money. Many casinos promise fake bonuses, use unethical practices, use shady techniques, and deny respecting their rules and regulations to scam the players. 

All these casinos come under the category of rogue casinos, which are unsafe for you to place the bets. So, if you need to try your luck in gambling, make sure you are using a trustworthy site. However, we agree that the increased number of online casino websites makes it difficult to categorize the good ones.

You don’t need to worry, as we’ve done the hard work to keep you safe. So, according to this casino analyzer below, you should steer clear of this list of top 10 online casino blacklist and rogue casinos. You can check for online casino blacklist to avoid scams on

AffPower Casino Group

AffPower is a renowned casino group that operates over a dozen online casinos. Many websites blacklist this group because of its many unethical business practices, including refusing to pay the winners or doing it slowly, running pirated casino games and hacking sites, and advertising.

Each of these things is unacceptable. Please stay clear of sites doing any of the above illegal things.

This group includes Atlantic Casino, Blu Casino, Crazy Casino, and the list goes on and on.

Virtual Casino Group

This casino group is yet another name in running the fraudulent online casinos and is famous for providing rogue online casinos.

This casino is notorious for not paying the user’s winning amount and a new slow withdrawal process. Their consistent requests for ID proof further stalls their payments, and their poor customer service makes their rogue nature evident. In 1997, the owner of the group was once behind bars, which also affected the group’s reputation.

Some of the casinos owned by this group are Wild Vegas Casino, The Virtual Casino, Bet Royal Casino, Lady Lucks Casino, and others.

Top Game Casinos

This casino recently attracted a lot of criticism from its users because of their unfair terms & conditions, making it impossible for the users to withdraw money from their respective accounts. Also, their deceptive clauses make them immune to the player’s losses occurring due to miscommunication or corporate errors.

Some of the casinos run by this group are 21 Dukes, 7Spins, and Aztec Casino.

Wager 21 Casinos

Wager21 Casino uses corrupt practices, in which they offer free play modes with higher payout percentages. Similarly, this group convinces you to deposit into their casino’s account. 

Some of the blacklisted casinos of this group are Gold Betting Casino, Players Vegas Casino, Grand Casino, and many more.

Revenue Jet Casinos

Revenue Jet Casinos is a group that is famous for stalling payments. So, if you ever come across the group’s casino, leave the website that instant. The casinos of this group include Loco Panda Casino, Classy Coin Casino, Onbling Casino, and Grand Parker Casino.

Club World Group

This site is a classic example of how bad decisions can affect your business and how it can destroy the successful venture within seconds. Club World group used to deliver top of the class casinos, but this all changed when AffPower affiliate group took over the control of the company, which quickly drove this business into the ground.

Several problems plague the website these days, including delay in payments and difficulty in withdrawing funds.

This group manages High Noon Casino, Manhattan Slots, Lucky Red Casino, Club Euro Casino, Players Club Casino, among others.

Opera Costa Rica Casinos

This website offered pirated games whose probability of success can be altered and thus cheats the user of his hard-earned money. The absence of a valid license is a concern for many users, and we strongly advise you to steer clear of this website.

It is mandatory for every site that their dice rolls or the cards dealt should favor no one and must fall under the rules of statistics.

This group includes Moneystorm Casino, Pamper Casino, BetDNA, and Always Cool Casino.

Curgam Group

This group’s ingenious ways are finding out the players’ email ids and then filling it with spam mails. It is above anything you can imagine. Your cash is not safe with them and does not even consider asking it from their useless and unreliable customer support.

This group has so many websites that if you happen to stay away from one, you are most likely to fall for another website.

Casinos of this group include Mighty Slots, Plenty Jackpots, and Slots Inferno.

FutureBet Casinos

This type of casinos shies away from paying their players and don’t pay their licensees and affiliates. Hence it is inevitable that this group should not be trusted at all.

Casinos blacklisted in this group include Doms Casino, Empire Casino, Ace City, and Amco Poker.

Gambling Federation

Their customer support consists of people who don’t know anything about gambling and are unfair against the player. So if you ever see yourself on any of the casinos owned by this specific group, try not to put your money on that website.

This group includes BlackJack Club, Maximus Casino, Royal City Casino, Rich Club Casino, Casino Freedom, and Casino Italia.


Sites mentioned above are on our list because they have done something terrible and irreversible in the past. Keep in mind the above casinos, and you will indeed stay safe online. If, by any chance, you run into any of these online casinos, stay away from them. And make sure that you do not put your money on these platforms. 

In the end, before you settle on an online casino, make sure to do your research. Keep in mind that although there are trustworthy and respected casinos, there is still an increased number of rogue casinos. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.