The Worst Places on Your Body To Get A Tattoo


With tattoos turning into a more sizzling fashion trend in present day society, it’s critical to focus not just on what to do when arranging a tattoo, but to also focus on what not to do. In this case we are referring to locations on your body that are a bad idea when it comes to getting tattooed.

Why is the location of your tattoo significant?

This is important because tattoos done on specific parts of the body are inclined to blurring and fading. Don’t waste your money, or your time, or go through the pain of the tattoo only for it to fade away! Instead take our advice to avoid any hassle.

Don’t trust everything you see on the internet

For the individuals who are not all that educated about tattoos, picking a decent area can be a befuddling procedure. In present day society you see tattoos becoming web sensations on Pinterest and Instagram, tattoos that honestly look beautiful and inspire you to get a similar one. However those viral photographs tell a misleading story. In those pictures you are limited to seeing how the tattoo looks on the day it was finished. You never get the opportunity to see the follow-up of how the tattoo has matured after just half a month, not to mention a couple of years.

So in this article we are bringing in a professional to help tell you where not to get tattooed. Ahm, a female tattoo artist who owns Panumart Tattoo (a Chiang Mai tattoo shop in Thailand) is giving you advice on how to better ensure that you are left with a piece of body art that you can love for a lifetime:

Why are some locations of your body bad for tattoos?

From one location to the next our skin differs wildly. In some places it is quite taught, whereas other areas are quite loose. In some areas it is quite thick, whereas in other areas the skin is quite thin.

These differences in texture can lead to some challenges for tattoo artists.

Areas on your body where you ought not get tattooed:

Finger/Hand tattoos

The palm

The skin is excessively thick here and it moves around a ton. Never get a palm tattoo except if on the off chance that you are committing your body to tattoos and simply couldn’t care less.


Fingers are very inclined to fading. You ought to get a tattoo here only if you’re comfortable paying to get a touch-up done every so often (maybe every one or two years).

Top of hand

This area is really quite good for tattoos. In our shop we have made some beautiful hand tattoos. But a tattoo in this area comes with a big commitment: you’ll have to limit movement of your hand as much as possible for 7 days. If you don’t, then the quality of your tattoo will go down certainly.

The Elbow/Side of Wrists/Side of Ankles/And Other Crease Lines

Anyplace on your body where the skin moves so much is inclined to fading. It’s ideal to evade these areas.

Foot tattoos

The foot can be a decent spot for a tattoo, however it additionally offers a few challenges.

Top of foot

Excellent tattoos are possible to be made on the top of the foot, as here the skin is pretty stationary. But what happens  after the tattoo when your skin needs to heal? Will you have to go to work wearing shoes and socks? Doing so will cause rubbing to occur, thus damaging your tattoo.

Point being, only get a tattoo here if you have the luxury of a holiday period when you can allow your skin to heal.

Side of foot

As you arrive along the edge of the foot, tattoos become considerably more prone to problems. Here the skin is a lot thicker, making it progressively hard for the ink to grab hold in the skin. To balance this, tattoo artists may attempt to push their needles harder, which isn’t great either. In such a case blowout may occur as the ink goes too deep into the skin.

Behind the ear

Behind the ear tattoos are inclined to blurring and loss of color. I’d suggest staying with more minimal designs for this are. And even then be ready to touch up your tattoo later on.


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