All The Fun Ways to Wear Colored Mascara This Summer

All The Fun Ways to Wear Colored Mascara This Summer 8
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With the rise of the ’80s trends in fashion and beauty, brightly-hued mascaras are back in a way that feels oh-so-modern! This once underestimated beauty product is now trending all over Instagram and even among celebrities. Just a few swipes with the mascara wand will add a summer vibe to all of your looks from casual to full glam. Flip through this article to discover all the cool ways to wear colored mascara this summer.

Wear it With a Matching Eyeliner

Find the perfect hued eyeliner and mascara match and create a stunning summer-approved makeup look. It’s an easy and fun way to escape from your signature look, and let summer take over your makeup routine.

Create a Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic looks are easy to replicate and fun to wear. Level up your monochromatic game with a matching colored mascara. That additional pop of color on your lashes will get all eyes on you!

Summer Up a Black Eyeliner

All The Fun Ways to Wear Colored Mascara This Summer 3
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The black eyeliner is a staple in many beauty bags. However, wearing neutral looks all summer long can get a bit boring. Color your eyelashes with a vibrant shade to spice up your signature eyeliner look. For a more glamorous effect, coat your favorite falsies with colored mascara. You can double on falsies and wear both top and bottom false lashes for the ultimate glamorous look with colored mascara.

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