Four Beauty Skills Every Woman Should Have

As a woman, there are certain things you want to do to maintain your aesthetic beauty, and like many of us out there, may not know exactly how. I’m sure quite a few of us need some quality instruction from time to time, and unfortunately, that can be hard to come by. We get tutorials on how to achieve certain looks, but not exactly a breakdown of very important steps that could really put a cramp in our beautification process. I’ve determined the four beauty skills that every woman should have, and I am letting you in on the instructions you’ve been missing!


It can probably sound pretty intimidating, but with a little practice, putting on false lashes is actually super easy and the end result can be pretty…well… pretty. First, make sure you curl and apply mascara to your natural lashes, which creates a sturdy foundation to support the weight of the false lashes. Next, cut the lashes to fit so they don’t pour over to either side of your eyelid. Now, using a tiny applicator, apply the adhesive (we recommend always using a dark toned glue) to the lashes. Wait until the glue becomes tacky, never apply completely wet.

Finally, slowly and carefully press the false lash onto your eyelash bed, working from one end to the other. If you need a little assistance getting the lash onto those hard to reach places, like the corners, a pair of tweezers close to the base can really help.


Every girl wants full, luscious lips without the needles or knives, and it’s actually possible with good instruction and technique! First of all, you’ll want to prep your lips by applying a colorless lip balm or moisturizer. Next, exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush by gently moving the brush in circles all over your lips. Now, apply foundation for a smoother (and more permanent) lipstick application. Line your lips with a lipliner. If you want to over-line a bit, that’s fine, but remember the key is to keep it natural looking. Finally, apply a lipstick that’s the same color as the liner, and then lipgloss. Adding a heavier gloss in the pout, or center of the lip gives the illusion of fuller, plumper lips.


Before you even touch your eyebrows, you’ll want to plan ahead and determine what your ideal shape would be. Typically, the straight edge of your tweezers is helpful in this step ” simply hold it from the side of your nose up past your eyebrow, and make a pencil mark on the inside of your eyebrows as to where you should start shaping. Hold the straight edge from that same point on your nose and out towards the outer side of your pupil to determine exactly where your arch should be.

Following the natural curvature of your eyebrow, draw a line at the bottom of your brow to determine its thickness. Now, you’ll want to pluck the strays that fall below the line and outside of the marks you’ve made. If your brows tend to be sparse in spots, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or matte eyeshadow, then lock it in with a brow gel.


Beach waves are accomplishable without hitting the beach. One of our favorite ways to ensure you get that fresh off the beach look? Allow your hair to dry about halfway, and then part your hair into two sections right down the middle. Start on one side, and twist tight from the root all the way to the end of your hair. Using a bobby pin, pin the end of your twisted hair to the crown of your head.

Move to the other side, and do the same thing, ensuring that you’re twisting in the same direction. Let your hair dry naturally overnight, and in the morning unpin. With a quick shake of your head, you’ll notice you have beautiful beach waves, then lock it in with your favorite beach waves spray. Or, simply use a Beachwaver to create nice uniformed waves.





Written by Katarina Van Derham
Katarina Van Derham has worked in Hollywood for over a decade, gaining experience in every aspect of media and show business. Knowing the science behind beauty has made her one of the most sought after beauty specialists in the entertainment industry. She is often a judge for model searches and beauty pageants around the world. With a philanthropic heart and passion for leading an ethical lifestyle, Katarina is quickly becoming one of the leading influencers in the vegan and cruelty-free community.