Caroline Kalmanovitch on Eating Right and Staying Fit During Lockdown


While most of us continue to remain at home during this global pandemic, we may feel more inclined to overindulge in comfort foods and become a bit of a couch potato. A few treats are fine if we’re also eating healthy foods and following a regular exercise routine. Unfortunately, stay-at-home orders have led many people to start binging on junk food while avoiding physical activity altogether.

Staying fit in lockdown has been a difficult feat for many, as they find themselves eating poorly and remaining locked in place. But, as difficult as it may be to motivate oneself during these unprecedented times, engaging in healthy habits is more critical now than ever. With the uncertainty and fear of this current global pandemic, most of us are experiencing anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, among a slew of other negative health effects.

The negative effects of lockdown demonstrate why a healthy diet and physical exercise are so important, says Caroline Kalmanovitch, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach based in London, England. Having worked in the industry for more than 15 years, Kalmanovitch is an expert on the positive effects that good nutrition and regular exercise can have on all aspects of our health.

Along with boosting our immunity to fight off illnesses, a healthy diet and regular exercise can support our mental and emotional wellbeing. It might be improved sleep, increased energy, or a boost in your mood. In as little as one week, you’ll notice some of these positive changes, says Kalmanovitch. Caroline Kalmanovitch provides some tips for effectively jumping into this healthier home-based routine.

Exercise regularly

The gym may be closed, but that’s no excuse to living a sedentary life during this pandemic. Whether you live in a house or a small apartment unit, there are a variety of ways you can remain physically active without ever leaving your home, insists Caroline Kalmanovitch.

You can find free workout videos on YouTube or fitness-focused websites such as As opposed to the machines you use at your local gym, these workouts require simple and minimal exercise equipment — a yoga mat along with a few other inexpensive items such as fit balls, dumbbells, and exercise bands.

If you have more money to spend, you could also opt for a subscription-based online workout program such as Beachbody , which offers a wide variety of classes, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Target your nutritional needs

Some online fitness websites, such as and Beachbody, also offer expert advice from nutritionists and dieticians. Along with healthy recipes and calendar-based meal plans, these experts can provide you with specific solutions targeted to your unique goals and nutritional needs. You’ll learn how to control your portion sizes, simplify your meals, eat more mindfully, and ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you require on a daily basis.

Eat more protein or fiber-rich foods

Most of us love our carbs, whether that be chips, bread, cake, or cookies. However, as tasty as these treats are, we are better off to switch out those carbs for some protein or fiber-rich foods. While carbs act more as empty calories that can lead to weight gain, protein and fiber are both essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, says Caroline Kalmanovitch.

Along with being healthier than carbs, protein or fiber-rich foods are more likely to satisfy your appetite and fuel you with longer-lasting energy. For your breakfast, you could enjoy Greek yogurt, a couple of eggs, or a protein shake. For a snack later in the day, you could re-energize with some dried fruits and mixed nuts — like a granola bar, but without the heavy carbs.

Make time to relax, says Caroline Kalmanovitch

With regular exercise and a healthy diet will keep you physically healthy, it is also critical that you care for your mental well-being during these challenging times. Give your mind and body a rest by engaging in some meditation or yoga exercises, unwind with a good book or your favorite Netflix series, or dance around your house to some good music. After enjoying that personal time, you might also get a nice positive charge by calling or video-chatting with friends and loved ones, says Caroline Kalmanovitch.

Written by Megan Taylor
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