Modes by Aldo Carpinteri comes up with brand new fashion choices for you


Stefania Mode established her first boutique in Trapani 1971. Since that moment, it carved out an important role in the fashion industry. But as you know, there is always room for improvement and hence the niche brand Stefania Mode is now Modes by Aldo Carpinteri. Aldo Carpinteri – the son of Mrs Stefania, Stefania Mode founder – is tracing the road for an outstanding growth of Modes. With the promise of a new taste for fashion they wink to fashion addicts who are always in the search for right outfit.

A Fashion realm for every kind of fashion lover

From streetwear to high fashion, Modes has the answer for every fashion lovers demand! Modes bets on ominichannel retailing, offering not only a traditional brick and mortar shopping experience, but also on several services in which new technologies play a fundamental role. One of them is the Click & Collect, which allows you to make the purchase online and collect your order directly from the offline store. For this, you just need to head to and even get an option to book a personal appointment in the store.

People tend to believe that fashion is what models follow and display on the ramps. But Modes is all set out to revoke this very stereotypical and misconception of the word fashion. Modes is here to widen your horizon regarding the definition of fashion because they believe fashion is not just ramp walks, bright lights, and trendy outfits. There is greater depth, and more profound meaning to this word, ‘fashion.’

Redefining your interpretation of fashion

Fashion is not only a whim, but it is something to fully express yourself. To Modes, each one of you is a fashionista, possessing different styles yet equally rocking their unique looks. Be it comfy sports gear, skinny jeans, floral dresses, or gleamed up ethnics, the high fashion designers you can find on Modes can provide you the best clothing to make you feel happy and comfortable. It is up to you just adding your vibrant touch to grace it.

As said, Modes by Aldo Carpinteri features with different designers and several categories; choosing your second skin has never been so easy.

Modes is generally a click or steps away from you

2015 was the turning point: Aldo Carpinteri played a fundamental role as Modes stepped into the international world of fashion. It aimed – and he did – at creating a fashion retailer that would include not only physical stores but also online ones, producing one of the most exclusive omnichannel fashion retailer. Combining online and offline, Modes gives the best high fashion shopping experience to its customer. The online shopping engaged customers in their well-defined assortments of clothes that ignited within them the flames of fashion, style, and glamor. Brick and mortar stores can count in several shops present all over the Italian boundaries but also in St.Moritz, in Switzerland. New openings are expected to be revealed soon.

Online stores exponentially increased sales, and hence Modes emerged as one of the leading fashion retailers in the industry. But the primal goal of Modes has always been customer satisfaction, so no matters how successful they are, they genuinely believe that their outfits are not standardized to a specific type. They believe the diversity in fashion is what makes it truly beautiful and enticing to work upon.

Modes keeps evolving, always supporting trends, but they never dropped the classics as it will remain to captivate forever. Hence, you will find at all the new designers’ ideas that merge all the best from past and all that is on cutting edge.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.