Not Too Confident in Your Neck? Try These 7 Fashion Tricks to Spice Things Up


As a person ages, their skin loses elasticity. Fortunately, much of the skin can easily be covered with clothing or makeup. However, the neck remains a problem area for many. As one woman said, if she knew what her neck would look like as she aged, she would have spent more time admiring it in her youth. Every woman can relate to this sentiment. Fortunately, there are ways to draw attention away from the neck or cover blemishes. Each woman should find the method or methods that work best for her.


Women need to carefully consider their necklace options when they wish to spice up their neck. For instance, women with short necks should never wear chokers because they make the neck look even shorter. Choose a long necklace that will help to create a vertical line and draw the eye down. However, don’t choose a long necklace if the bust is extremely large, as this only emphasizes the size of the chest. It’s best to avoid clutter in this area if your neck is short, so pair the long necklace with an open neckline that exposes a little flesh. V-shaped necklaces are good choices, and pair the necklace with hoops to likewise create a vertical line.

Individuals with long neck have multiple options. Combine a boat-neck top with a short necklace, one that rests at the collarbone. Chokers look great with a higher neckline, and lower necklines pair well with a necklace that ends above the neckline. Many women are considering as they want a necklace that truly speaks to them. These are only a few of the many options available, and women should be sure to browse them all.

Clothing Choices

Turtlenecks are of great help to those women who are unhappy with their neck’s appearance. These tops are very effective when it comes to covering this trouble spot, and many opt for a minimalistic color palette to create a sleek line from top to bottom. High-neck tops work great for women with short necks, as turtlenecks may be overkill for them. High-yoke silhouettes are another good choice, as they offer the coverage women want with some visual air.

Another option is to show more skin. When a woman decollete is clearly visible, she stands up taller. This helps to length the space between the jaw and the collarbone, which improves the appearance of the neck. Ladies who find they aren’t comfortable with these two options may choose to benefit from a combination of the two. Unbutton two or three of the top buttons and pop the collar. This helps to hide neck blemishes while providing a visual breathing room.

Women with long necks often turn to cowl necks to shorten the appearance of their neck. Furthermore, any details that lie at the neck, such as ruffles or ties, help to shorten the appearance of this feature. Women may wish to try several styles to find the one they like best. If you prefer long hair, avoid sleek styles because they do draw attention to the neck. Certain women choose to try a mid-length style and the blunt bob can be worn by any woman and look great.


Cosmetics can be of great help when it comes to minimizing the flaws of the neck. Women the world over have been told that foundation must be carefully blended to ensure skin tones match. Women often blend foundation under the jawline and then stop. Don’t make this mistake. If your neck’s appearance is less than ideal, blend the foundation to the breastplate, taking care to lighten up on its use the closer you get to this point. A good foundation brush is essential in achieving this goal, and you are sure to love the results.

Always use a primer before applying the foundation to provide a good basis for all products used. Be sure to draw attention away from the neck by emphasizing the eyes. This brings the viewer’s eye up and away from this problem area. Additionally, avoid bold lip colors, as they become the focal point on the face, and the viewer looks down and notices the jaw and neck. Go with sheer, lighter colors to prevent this from happening. Using a shimmery highlighter on the neck may also be of benefit in reducing the appearance of any flaws.

Try a New Hairstyle

Women who don’t like the appearance of the neck may benefit from trying a new hairstyle. The hair can be a great accessory when women know how to use it as such. Never wear the hair in the neck area. Choose a shorter style with a little height or allow the tresses to grow below the shoulder. Quite a few choose a bob that stops at chin level because this tends to flatter most ladies. Others go for a trendy bob complete with textured waves to draw attention away from the neck and to the face.

The neck tends to sag as a woman ages because it loses elasticity. Pageboy cuts or graduated bobs are good options for women who prefer short hair. The bob looks great with thick hair, but the pageboy should not be selected by those with a chubby face. It emphasizes the roundness, which most women want to avoid.


Hide a turkey neck with the help of a pretty scarf. With so many ways to tie this fashion accessory, a woman can have a different look every day of the week. The braid is one way to tie a scarf, and there are countless others. Some women find the cowl is easier to master, while others only use the classic tie. This is a matter of personal preference but it never hurt to branch out and try new methods. You may just find a new method of tying a scarf that you love and want to use regularly.

Scarves come in many fabrics, colors, and patterns. These accessories tend to be very inexpensive, so a woman can amass a collection without breaking the bank. Start building your collection today, and soon you will have a scarf for every day of the week and possibly a few more.

Skin Care

The skin on the neck, much like the skin around the eyes, is very delicate. Take care when using products on this part of the body so you don’t unintentionally damage the skin. When applying products, use an upward vertical motion to apply them in this area. Rubbing in circles or using a downward motion can do harm. Don’t massage the skin too much in this area either. Although massage would sound like a good thing for a delicate part of the body, you can have too much of a good thing.

Be sure to clean the neck when cleaning the face. Make sure a product designed for the face and neck is used to protect the skin, and exfoliate this area as well using a ground almond and milk scrub. Start near the shoulders and apply the scrub from the bottom of the neck up to the top. Rinse and repeat two to four times a week to remove dead skin cells and keep the skin fresh and glowing. Finally, never forget to apply sunscreen to the neck when you do the rest of the body to keep the neck protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Be Confident

Take ownership of your appearance. Don’t let a neck that is less than perfect hold you back from doing what you want. If you accept any flaws you do have, you’ll feel better about yourself and it shows. The blemishes that you see become less visible to others as they are enthralled by your confidence and ability to move through life. Keep this in mind and accept yourself for how you are. Nobody is perfect.

Appreciate your individuality and embrace it. That’s what makes you special and you must remember this. Go out and meet new people, keeping in mind that they have flaws as well. Their flaws may not be as visible as yours and that’s okay. People who are confident draw others to them, so make certain you feel comfortable in your own skin.

However, this doesn’t mean you should give up trying to improve yourself, and this is true even when you have what you perceive is a physical flaw. Learning how to minimize the appearance of the neck is the first step. If the problem persists, look into other options for correcting the problem. Options are available for those willing to explore them. Research them so you can have the life and appearance you desire.

Don’t hide away from others because you aren’t satisfied with the way your neck looks. Remember this is only a small part of your body, and people likely aren’t focusing on that part when interacting with you. If you remain self-conscious, try the above methods to draw attention away from this area. When you do so, you’ll feel better and it will show in your interactions with others. Keep this in mind and begin trying these methods today. One or more is likely right for you.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.