How to Stay Fashionable While Stuck in Quarantine


Let’s face it: when we’re stuck at home (as we are/were during the pandemic), it’s really hard to stay motivated enough to put pants on- let alone an entire outfit. The motivation to look our best really just flies right out the window when we aren’t seeing anyone aside from our family or roommates. So, how can we stay fashionable when we aren’t seeing people? Get motivated! How? Perhaps now is the perfect time to change up your wardrobe- without spending a lot of money online! Perhaps, you can re-invent your look with items that are already in your closet now?

Step 1- Go Through Your Wardrobe

First, you should refresh yourself on the items you have in your closet. So, go through all of your clothes! Take them out of your closet and review each piece. The best pieces to have are the classics- tank tops, t-shirts, sweaters, and leggings in basic colors. These can be mixed and matched into many different looks. After you have pulled out each piece, don’t put them back! Instead, separate them into categories – classic t-shirts should be together, statement shirts together, sweaters together, etc.

Step 2- Mix and Match New Looks You Didn’t Even Know You Could Do

Now, take this time to really mix and match your wardrobe. Put together looks that you’ve never created before based on what you have in your closet. There’s no need to purchase anything new, as I’m sure you have a ton of look variety that you didn’t even know you had. Put together things that you aren’t sure will work just to play; you might be surprised what looks best together. From here, if you want to buy one or two new, exciting pieces to match what you have, go for it! Bust most of your new looks can come from items you already have.

Step 3- Go Through Your Accessories and Plan Out Finished Looks

Now, review your shoes, jewelry, and other accessories and pair them to finished looks. Create a journal or list of different options you can create in your closet with just your essentials. Plan your next month of looks out just for fun! This way, you will be ready to dress like a fashionista the next time you step outside.

Get creative!

Maybe from here you want to change up your hair? I’m sure seeing all of these pieces (and maybe many you forgot you had) is exciting! Now you are surely feeling more motivated to get out there and make fashion happen!  By motivating yourself with your fashion choices at home, you have re-invigorated your want to be fashionable, helping you motivate yourself to wear new styles daily- even in quarantine. And you can definitely look forward to applying your style as you head back outside to brave the world again.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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