How to Choose a Men’s Gold Bracelet


The 2020s might just be the best era in a while for men’s jewelry. It’s about time there was an upgrade that guys could finally get on board with.

Back in the day, there wasn’t much of a selection. Considering the terrible 2000s men’s bracelet trends, it’s no wonder so many guys didn’t buy bracelets. Seriously, how are you supposed to wear a puka shell bracelet in the winter at work? 

Fortunately, the new men’s jewelry trends are about self-expression and versatility to elevate your everyday look. To help you find the best style, here are some tips for choosing and buying a men’s gold bracelet.

How to Buy a Men’s Bracelet

Where is the best place to buy a men’s bracelet? To find a quality men’s bracelet for a good price, a wide selection available, and customer service, you’ll want to either shop online or in a reputable brick-and-mortar store (avoid chain jewelry stores).

You’ll also want to have an idea of what type of men’s bracelet you want and settle for nothing less. If a store doesn’t have a good selection, move to the next. 

Tip: 1 Don’t Get Duped

Due to the recent increase in the demand for men’s jewelry, many wannabe entrepreneurs are getting on board and starting up a men’s jewelry store. Many of them lack expertise in fine jewelry and don’t care about quality.

Here are some tips for choosing the best place to buy men’s bracelets:

  1. Research the store. How much experience does the seller have? Check reviews.
  2. Know how to recognize quality. Learn how to tell if a diamond bracelet is real or fake, as well as the differences between real gold vs fake.
  3. Look at the warranty and return policies before buying. 

Trust your BS radar. If it seems sketchy, or too good to be true, it might be the case. Do a Google search to see if the store has been featured in any un-affiliated websites. If they’re featured in business blogs or news sources, they’re more trustworthy.

Tip 3: Know What Fits Your Personality

It really makes a confident impression on women when a guy wears a bracelet and knows how to rock it. Now is the perfect time to buy a men’s bracelet, as a gift or for yourself. Finding a quality bracelet that’s modern, masculine, and elegant is a great way to take your outfits to the next level.

When it comes to choosing a men’s bracelet, look for a bracelet that fits your lifestyle and personality, and matches your outfits. 

Tip 4: Know the Styles

Men’s bracelet styles changed a lot in the new decade, so picking the best men’s bracelet for 2021 might take a little research.

These are the most popular bracelets for men right now:

  • Gold chain bracelets
  • Rubber and gold bracelets
  • ID plate bracelets
  • Beaded bracelets
  • Diamond tennis bracelets

If a store doesn’t offer any of the latest styles, you should look elsewhere for your men’s bracelet.

Tip 5: Choose a Versatile Bracelet 

To get the most bang for your buck, opt for an everyday wear bracelet that goes with all of your clothing. Here’s a good example of a durable and versatile bracelet:

Rubber and Gold Bracelets In 2021, rubber bracelets are an upgrade from men’s leather bracelets. A good rubber and gold bracelet is a luxury accessory that’s sleek and masculine.

Tip 6: Check Out Cuban Link Bracelets

Cuban link bracelets are the most popular masculine gold bracelet right now, so they’re the perfect choice if you want to be on the cutting-edge of men’s fashion. 

Thicker widths make more of a statement, especially diamond Cuban Link gold bracelets. For a sleek look, choose a thinner width. The solid gold bracelets with cuban styled links by ItsHot are a good example of what to look for in terms of style and good deals. 

Tip 7: Avoid Cheap Quality

Pictures of bracelets online can be deceptive. Read the product description, and avoid the following:

  • Cheap metal alloys.
  • Tacky metal accent designs (such as little anchors or pre-made ID plates that say things “courage” or “strength”).
  • Gold-plated bracelets or gold-filled. 
  • Fake diamonds

Know what to look at when buying a gold bracelet for men—it’ll save you time and money.

Tip 8: Choose a Meaningful Bracelet

A good bracelet can tell a story; it shows off your success, personality, lifestyle, creativity, and confidence. Finding the right bracelet style adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your look.

Opt for a bracelet that means something to you, or symbolizes something. For example, Shamballa Beaded Bracelets: These bracelets can represent enlightenment, peace, and perfection. They’re a great gift for yourself to celebrate personal achievement or growth. 

Even the color of string, gemstone, or gold can add meaning to a bracelet. Leonardo Dicaprio’s red bracelet is simple, but you can tell it has some kind of meaning to him. 

Tip 9: Know How to Buy a Gift 

In 2021, most men are buying gold bracelets for themselves. That said, when looking for yourself, you might end up finding a good bracelet to give as a gift for your brother, friend, father, etc. 

Also, let’s not overlook the ladies who know men’s fashion. Women, you want your man to look good; when a man wears jewelry with ease and confidence, it’s attractive. So, if you’re looking for a great men’s fashion gift to impress him, ​​get a real gold bracelet for your man.

A good men’s bracelet gift is popular enough anyone can wear it, and versatile enough to wear every day. Gold chain bracelets, beaded bracelets, and tennis bracelets are all good choices for men’s gifts.

Tip 10: Know Your Size

To figure out your bracelet size, measure your wrist. Then, add between 1/2 an inch and 1 inch to your measurement to calculate your bracelet size.

If you’re purchasing a bracelet as a gift and you don’t know the person’s wrist measurement, you should give up and not buy it for them. Just kidding. It’s not hard to guess someone’s bracelet size. 

Start by using the average bracelet size for men: 7.5–8.5 inches. If the guy is an absolute unit, adjust up. If he has thin wrists, adjust down accordingly, judging by a half-inch.

Where to Buy Men’s Bracelets

There’s no use paying too much for a gold bracelet for men. Chain jewelry stores make a huge profit on their jewelry, so you know the quality isn’t worth it.

Instead, opt for a store with expertise. Cut out the middleman in retail and buy from a store that manufactures its own jewelry. sells manufacturer direct-to-consumer men’s bracelets. They know their inventory inside and out—they made it. 

ItsHot’s physical store is located in NYC’s diamond district, where it’s impossible not to know what the latest styles are—and they provide the newest styles on their website, making it easy and affordable to choose a men’s bracelet perfect for your style.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.