7 Trendy Gemstones You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Trendy Shouldn’t Mean Boring

Millennials, meet your next obsession.

You may have already seen crystals and gemstone jewelry trending on Instagram.

If not, let us introduce you to your new favorite way to wear jewelry: with color, class, and all the good vibes.

Although they only started trending recently, colorful gems have been adored for centuries. They’ve been collected by royals and diplomats, plus used for healing, trade, and even for making tools.

Here are some things you should know about trendy colorful gemstones:

  • They connect us to the deepest parts of nature. Gems take millions of years to form—they are some of the oldest substances we encounter on Earth.
  • They’re the very definition of positive vibes. Gems give off a high vibration and frequency. Close contact with them might help boost your mood and raise your own vibration.
  • They’re collector’s items. Diamonds have been the gemstone of choice for a hundred years—and many people assume that they’re the only stone worth investing in. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of the colorful gems we’re sharing today are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. By purchasing a colorful gemstone, you’re making an investment into your family’s future.
  • Gemstone jewelry fits you. Ultimate customization? Yes, please! With colorful gems, you can choose a birthstone, a stone that fits your mood, or just something that speaks to you.

How to Begin Your Gemstone Collection

Maybe you never expected to begin a collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones. But after that first piece—the diamond ring from your husband or string of pearls from your parents—you were hooked.

Let’s clear up a misconception: gemstone collecting isn’t about finding the most expensive or rare pieces available on the market. Sure, the thrill of the hunt is exciting—and important. But what really matters is how the gemstone speaks to you.

What’s the point of having a jewelry box full of rare gems you’ll never wear? As you browse the options below, think hard about which ones you’d be excited to match with your wardrobe—and which would be loved by your family for generations.

1)   Spessartite Garnet

Another unique form of garnet is this citrus-colored gemstone. Most desirable in a bright red with orange accents, it has a high refractive index—meaning its glow is especially brilliant. Although it’s uncommon to find spessartite garnet at your local jeweler, the stone isn’t too rare and is fairly easy to add to your collection. Pair with black gold or white gold for a stunning accent. Or, check out the citrine gemstone, which is similar in color but more popular.

2)   Alexandrite

Love the beach and the mountains? Can’t decide if you’re an introvert or an extrovert? There’s a gemstone for that. Alexandrite wields two ever-changing personalities. It’s described as “emerald by day, ruby by night”—because that’s how drastically its color can shift. Alexandrite is considered to be one of the rarest stones available on the market, and the price is determined not only by the stone quality but also by how much the color changes.

3)   Ceylon Sapphire

The Ceylon sapphire is a velvety blue precious stone with origins in Sri Lanka. It’s similar to the traditional sapphire but is a more brilliant hue and slightly more affordable. Its extreme durability makes Ceylon sapphire a stunning investment piece that will last well into future generations. Use it for a ring, necklace, or bracelet—and drink in the healing benefits that are believed to restore balance and relieve the body of depression.

4)   Tsavorite Garnet

Although garnet is most famous for its deep red pomegranate color, it can come in many other shades, too. Tsavorite garnet is comparable to emerald—although some say it’s even clearer and more brilliant. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s a collector’s piece, even rarer than emeralds—with gemstones over five carats expected to become extinct in the near future.

5)   Morganite

This unique gemstone is a moody coral color—mixing pink and orange for a stunning addition to your jewelry box. Morganite is typically paired with rose gold, which is also trendy in jewelry fashion today. The larger the gem you buy, the more color it will reflect. Possible healing benefits include a calming sensation and healing of the heart.

6)   Paraiba Tourmaline

Another rare gemstone, paraiba tourmaline brings the Caribbean to you. Its brilliant ocean blue reflects best when cut into a large stone. Colors vary—with bright blues being the most valuable and greenish hues being less valuable (although still stunning). Paraiba is said to heighten intuition and increase mental focus. For a similar stone that’s commonly found at your local jeweler, check out aquamarine.

7)   Jadeite Jade (or Imperial Jade)

You may already be familiar with jadeite jade if you’ve studied Chinese history. This rich green gemstone is commonly found in Chinese artifacts—used for tools, jewelry, medicine, and religious items. It was even mentioned by Confucius. The opaque green is similar to emerald but has more of a pearl texture. There are two kinds of jade, and jadeite specifically is known as the “imperial” version. Jade has a calming vibration that might help with stress or anxiety.

Your Gemstone Should Bring Out the Best of Your Personality

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing colorful gemstones. You’ll look at the stone’s value, cut, color grade, size, cost, rarity, and so much more. You might feel frustrated in your research—or torn between multiple different stunning color options. But remember: you’re totally one of a kind. Jewelry collecting is about letting your personality shine bright.

If you feel at a loss, close your eyes and imagine all the gemstones you’ve seen in your research. Picture each one of them sitting in the palm of your hand. Which one is calling to you?

The last thing to consider is the spiritual component of the jewelry—or the possible healing benefits. Choose a stone based on the healing you need in your life. Most of all, you should enjoy the jewelry shopping experience almost as much as you enjoy wearing your new piece.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.