How to Accessorize Your Bracelets


It is rare to find a woman all glammed up with a nice outfit but without some form of jewelry. An outfit is rarely considered complete without the right earrings or necklace to go with it. Whether she is getting ready for work or a night out, a woman needs some jewelry to compliment her outfit.

Many fashion-forward women do not want to pile on the jewelry. They do not consider it a good look. As a result, many will not consider wearing a bracelet when they have worn other pieces already. A compromise may be needed on which piece goes and almost always, the bracelet goes.

Some people also consider bracelets to be difficult to match with other accessories. However, gold bracelets for women are actually great for accessorizing.

How to Wear Your Bracelets with Other Wear Accessories

The following is a guide on how you can accessorize your bracelets for a great look.

1.      Go for Stylish Bracelets that are Thin in Width

You do not your bracelets to take center stage at work. Your colleagues will not appreciate that clanking noise. The best bracelet for work is one that is thin in width and not very loud in coloring.

 A gold bracelet would work very well here. It looks good, goes with most work outfits and is stylish as well. You could pair this with a chain necklace to complete your office look.

2.      The Length of Your Sleeve Counts          

You want your bracelet to be seen. It makes no sense to wear one if your blouse is long-sleeved as it is going to be covered. Maybe if you wear one for sentimental reasons, it would be just fine. Otherwise, wear your gold bracelet with sleeves that will allow you to display it.

3.      Mix and Match

You can wear as many bracelets as you wish. However, that is not to say you should have an entire sleeve of them. Get bracelets that complement each other without necessarily matching perfectly.

Also, choose your pieces depending on where you are going. You may not want to wear multiple bracelets in the workplace because they may be distracting.

4.      Avoid Mixing Metals

It is best to stick to one metal especially if you are in doubt. Just slip on your gold bracelet or that nice silver one. Mixing them may be a fashion faux pas of unprecedented proportions.

5.      Comfort comes first.

You do not want to wear a bracelet that keeps slipping off. If it is too big, forget about it. You may end up losing it as you go about your busy day. Also, it is simply not comfortable to wear. You must position your arm in such a way that the bracelet stays on.

6.      Accessorize Your LBD with a Metallic Bracelet

It has been said that every woman needs a little black dress (LBD). Nothing goes better than black and gold. Your gold bracelet will go swimmingly with your little black dress. It adds that classy feel to your whole look and you will impress.

7.      The Two-in-One Bracelet

Why not buy a bracelet that serves as a watch too? You kill two birds with a single stone. It saves you some money as you do not have to buy a watch as well as a bracelet. Also, you do not have to wear a watch and a bracelet.

8.      Choose a Bracelet You Can Wear Occasionally

Go for a bracelet you can wear as many times as you like. There are bracelets that are designed for special occasions such as weddings. Buying such makes it impossible for you to wear it often (unless you are a wedding planner). Make a wise investment and buy one that you can wear with any outfit.


Bracelets can be worn to both formal as well as informal events. They add that extra detail to your wardrobe choice that makes your look pop. A nice bracelet goes nicely with a fancy outfit and some mix and match ones are great for a night out.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.