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There has never been such a demand for online dating services. Apps and websites like eHarmony or Tinder are seeing a dramatic increase in traffic and profile creation as there is no other way for singles to get out and meet new people. Having a way to get in front of new people and chat with them right from your own home is the best way to meet the one for you.

The downside to apps like Tinder and eHarmony is that they rely on an interesting profile and enticing pictures. When utilizing their services, there’s a chance you’re paying for no one to contact you. With virtual speed dating for singles, you’re placed in a chat room and given a chance to meet at least 10 other people in one night, boosting your chance to find a date.

Speed dating is quickly becoming a retro concept as newer generations begin to turn their sights online. Whether it works for you or not, speed dating puts you in front of a number of other interesting singles all at one time. Websites like are looking to bring that concept back and enable you to do it right from home.

Right from your own couch

As we find ourselves restricted to our own homes, we begin to ask how we’re going to meet new people when we can’t even leave our house. This struggle, accompanied by the desire to simply talk to new people, is the reason why virtual dating services are booming right now. As public places where meeting new single people would typically occur are closing down, virtual spaces are opening.

Virtual speed dating enables you to meet new and interesting singles right from your own couch. It promotes safe social distancing, limits contact, and allows you to meet new people. Dating has become much more difficult because of global issues, but virtual speed dating looks to return us to the world of meeting new people.

Featured events

One of the biggest differences between virtual speed dating and the typical online dating services is that speed dating puts you face to face with a room full of other single people. Other services typically rely on both of you to read about one another, find the pictures interesting, and then begin to get to know one another.

With featured speed dating events, you’re able to get into a virtual room of other single people, speak to each one of them, and get to know each other without the falsehood of a profile description. This featured event occurs every couple of days and typically hold an age range of interested parties. That way you’re not stuck in a room of people too old or young for you.

Best in London

Speeddater is the number one virtual speed dating service in London. They host multiple events every week that put hundreds of singles in front of each other right from the comfort of their own home. As we cannot leave and enjoy the human interaction we once utilized, virtual speed dating is the best way to get out there and meet new people.

Written by Megan Taylor
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