How to Wear a Denim Jacket


When deciding what to wear, one very important aspect is to know and to be able to choose the right jacket for your look. No matter what style you are trying to fit into, each aspect of your look requires certain principles of selecting and combining. Denim jackets, which are a very specific and descriptive element of casual-wear pieces, also require several know-how fashion tips to be able to put them in the most effective combinations. So, just in time for Spring and Summer, here we have some suggestions for you on how to wear denim jackets.

Denim Jacket with Classics

Just imagine a combination consisting of a minimalistic black dress, a black handbag with boots and a cool denim jacket to finish up all this. In fact, this is more than a great look, especially if you add some silver accessories like scarfs, bracelets, and necklaces. This combo also works with beige and brown shades of dresses and accessories, being no less effective and chic. If you prefer skirts to dresses, combine them with some matching hats and accessories, like handbags and boots. This combo would also look great when done with a maxi dress.

The Retro-Vintage Denim Jacket

This is one of the most impressive and attractive ways of combining denim jackets with other pieces: combining them with a ruffled or pleated dress or skirt or a dotted design of any kind. Flats and slippers are the perfect final touch for these combos, too. When picking this type of look, go for pieces in bright color shades like red or soothing options like emerald green. Apart from being cute, it looks retro-chic yet modern and cool, as well!

Try a Denim Jacket with Boho Touches


The idea of creating romantic mishmashes, which include different style elements, has been in the center of attention of many designers and fashion experts since the creation of fashion. One of the most all-time successful options is the mix of grunge with boho, and this can be best exemplified with the duo of a denim jacket with a boho-inspired sheer dress. Choosing chiffon as key fabrics is a good idea.

Denim Jacket with Tartan

This option is one of the most youthful and tasteful choices for your cute and stylish looks. The checkered pattern, be it on a pleated skirt, a classic shirt, a pair of tights, or loose pants, matches perfectly with denim jackets! If you yearn for the most imaginative alternatives for your fresh looks, consider these combos.

Denim Jacket Plus Shorts or Jeans

After discovering the various ways of matching and pairing denim jackets with other garments, the last option we can turn our attention to is pairing denim jackets with shorts or jeans. The color of the latter may depend on your own preference. However, be careful not to pick shades that are too bright or vibrant; stick to calmer and sweeter tones.


The denim jacket is the one piece of clothing that goes practically with any other garment and perfectly fits into any style, be it boho, grunge, punk, rock, classic or retro! The denim jacket transcends the fashion of generations, so, of course, it is still in style today. Wear your denim jacket with maxi skirts or with flirty dresses, and layer your looks and play with colors: in any way you can never make a mistake with this garment! You can, of course, add some other variants of your own; in addition, however, these tips and tricks can be a very useful source of inspiration ready to help you with some innovative and cute combo-creating ideas. Modern trends require a modern approach, and the denim jacket-involving looks are listed among the most universal and versatile design options.


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Written by Megan Taylor
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