How to Add Style to Your Look with a Hat


Hats are style enhancing accessories worn throughout the year. There are different types of hats appropriate for cold and warm seasons accordingly. With such a great variety of hats, it is sometimes difficult to choose one style only. So, if you have a weakness for hats, learn more about them here and fill your wardrobe with different types of hats that will suit you perfectly. The more you have, the more you can change up and play with your style. Read on to hear all about the different styles of hats and which work with different outfit types.

Winter Hats

The most fashionable winter hat you can find currently is the beanie hat, worn snugly on top of the head. Think beanie hats with puffy balls on top or even with visors. For winter time, it is recommended to take hats with ear flaps as well, since the two sides of the latter hang on your ears and make you feel warm. Berets, fedoras and knitted hats are also appropriate for winter wear.

When it comes to the material, you can opt for heavy fabrics: woolen ones, for example. You can have knitted hats, too. Also feel free to take fur hats, as well.


Summer Hats

Short or wide brimmed hats are convenient to wear in summer. The wide brimmed ones protect you more ideally from the sun. There are dozens of lovely styles with girly fabrics and unique embellishments.

For those who aim to create a casual style, a baseball cap can also be picked. It is both light and is an ideal choice for jeans and a top.

Cloche hats create a great vintage summer look. Pick a straw cloche for summer.

Panamas are the best for summer wear. You can easily wear it on the beach!

Fedora hats that are extremely stylish, feminine and sexy come in light and bright fabrics, so you can wear them in summer, as well.


Once you choose a type of a hat, it is important to check and see if it goes well with your facial features.

How to Choose a Hat According to Your Face Shape

For any hat, it important to consider your face shapes prior to choosing it. It really makes sense since the hat will not have the best effect unless it suits you well.

Hats for a Square Face

Women with a strong jaw line are advised to pick a hat with a round or tilted brim, especially one that comes down partially over your face.

Fedora hats are also acceptable for this face shape. Wear it a bit tilted on one side in order to break the symmetry of your square face.

If your face is square, you can also get a cowboy hat with a wide, low brim. However, hats that are totally curled up aren’t for you. Try to opt for hat brims that are as wide and floppy as possible.

Forget about hats with a short brim. Never opt for a schoolboy cap. In general, you should be using more straw hats with brims, rather than tightly sitting woolen hats. To make your face look visually longer, always opt for hats that sit high on your forehead, such as berets or bowler hats.

Hats for an Oval Face

You can pick whichever type you like: fedoras, cloches, schoolboy hats. You will have a fantastic look in these types. Your face is the ideal shape so feel free to try every single type of a hat for a change.

Hats for a Round Face

For round faces, choose hats that are tall and shallow, which will elongate your face. There should be lots of space between the top of your scalp and the top of the hat. Opt for brimmed hats, like asymmetrical brimmed ones, but not round brimmed ones. It is better to take wider brimmed hats, since the wider the hat is, the narrower you face will look. Cowboy hats are also fine for this shape.

Hats for a Thin Face

To make thin faces look a bit rounder, choose flared hats with wide brims. Choose a brim not wider than your shoulders. To make your face look a bit shorter, artificially shorten your forehead by pushing the hat down on it. Avoid taller-crowned hats that just elongate your thin face even more. Also avoid hats that are shallow.

Hats for a Heart-Shaped Face

In this case avoid wide hats, which accentuate your forehead. Take any other types and you will be ok. Think berets, cloches and hats with medium-length brims for instance, that sit closer to the head.

How to Dress When Wearing a Hat

It is sometimes difficult to dress up when we are going to wear a hat. The styles and fabrics should certainly match. So have a look at these few fashion tips about combining an outfit with a hat.


A beret that is typically worn in winter will add freshness to your gloomy coats. For instance, berets in lighter shades will brighten up dark coats. You can also use other contrasting accessories like bright gloves and a scarf to complement your entire look. For a more classical look wear a beret that is the same color as your scarf and mittens. You can have straight, curly or wavy hair hanging under the beret.


When wearing fedoras, opt for feminine outfits, like a flowing dress and tights. Since fedoras are versatile of fabric and straw in different colors, you can also have different looks with them. Feel free to wear a fedora both for formal attire wearing a suit, and for a casual outfit, like jeans, a top and summer sandals.

Schoolboy Cap

For a better result, wear the beanie an inch pushed back from your hairline. A beanie goes well with casual, urban clothing pieces, such as ripped jeans, some jacket and boots.

Wild Brim Hat

They are worn down on the head at an angle. The front brim sometimes dips slightly at the left, middle or right side of the face. This type of a hat can be worn with an elegant maxi dress. They are ideal for a little formal tight dress as well. The hat will serve as an additional accent for the dress. However, you can also take it to the beach and wear with your swimwear.

Cowboy Hat

They are best matched with jeans and a shirt or an ordinary top. Also do not forget about cowboy boots.

How to Wear Hats


Different types of hats are worn differently. Choose a hat according to your face shape and skin color. Whenever wearing a hat, remember to style your hair properly, so that the latter sits perfectly well on your head. For most cases, it is convenient to let your hair hang down by your hat loosely. For winter hats, you can tuck your hair under the hat.

Always take the correct size of the hat to feel comfortable. It should not be too tight to cause a headache; neither should it be too loose to fall off from a slight wind.

There are certain hat types that require a special way of wearing it. When wearing a beret, wear it on one side. A fedora should be worn down over the eyebrows. Brimmed hats are worn down on the head at an angle. Use your imagination, follow your mood, and create your unique style.


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Written by Megan Taylor
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