Great Ways to do Christmas Shopping on the Cheap


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. For anybody who’s yet to do their festive shopping, we thought that we should give you some simple tips to help you keep your spending under control.

A recent study revealed that consumers spend an average of £363 on Christmas gifts for their family. This eye-watering amount doesn’t even factor in food and drink or entertainment. So if you want to splash your cash on some last-minute Christmas presents, here are some simple ways that you can avoid spending too much.

Hunt down those Christmas deals

Gone are the days where you’d have to wait for the January sales to get the best deals. Now there are plenty of promotions online that are designed for pre-Christmas spending across many different industries.

We’ll all seen those Black Friday deals, but there are also top Christmas bonuses that can help you get in the festive mood with your online gaming. From special Christmas promo code deals to festive casino tournaments, it seems that there are plenty of companies who will cater to your Christmas-themed needs while giving your wallet a break.

So what’s the best way of finding these festive deals? We’ve found that it pays to build up a little brand loyalty by following your favourite companies on social media. This way you’ll be the first in line for when they unveil their special pre-Christmas deals.

Make a Shopping List and Stick to it

Christmas shopping invariably ends up as impulse shopping. The combination of a tight time limit and the emotional pull of trying to appease your loved ones often means that you’ll spend more than you had originally meant to.

This is why we would always recommend that you write a shopping list for a great way to fend off those impulse buys. Shopping lists are also good for helping you think more critically about what would make a good gift for your loved ones.

Whether it’s looking for fashionable winter gloves for the festive season, or just the perfect chunky sweater for staying indoors, by writing down a list of the items to buy, you’ll identify the gifts that are going to provide long-lasting use rather than short-term pleasure.

Use Online Help in Finding the Best Prices

Rather than trudging around the wintry streets looking for special offers, the online revolution has meant that it is now easier than ever to hunt down a festive bargain.

There’s a massive amount of online comparison sites that can do a pretty good job in helping you find the best deals for anything from fashion to perfume. But if we had to pick one, we’d go for Google Shopping as it can access the best prices from quality high street brands like John Lewis and Boots.

By using these online comparison tools, you will gradually be able to build up a shopping list of gifts that stay within your overall festive spending budget. Much more relaxing than fighting your way through the crowds!

Do your Christmas Shopping well in Advance

OK, so this tip might not be too much use for last-minute shopping. But more and more people realise that the best way to avoid spending too much is to buy gifts well in advance.

You don’t have to be one of those people who finish their Christmas shopping in January, but by giving yourself plenty of time, you will avoid making rushed impulse purchases.

This is especially so as many retailers will bump up their prices in the run-up to Christmas. A recent study by Which? found that 95% of popular Black Friday products were available cheaper or at the same price in the six months following the sales event.

So don’t be tempted to follow the herd, but plan carefully and you should be able to buy some wonderful presents for your loved ones without breaking the bank.


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